‘NCIS’ Season 15: Wilmer Valderrama Pays Tribute To Mark Harmon, Background Of Maria Bello’s Role Revealed

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NCIS Season 15 remains to be one of the most-watched television shows today despite its countless hiatuses. Its interesting plot, suspense-filled episodes, and shocking cliffhangers are enough to keep viewers hooked with the popular American military police procedural series. Recently, Wilmer Valderrama shared his experience working with Mark Harmon and the rest of the team.

For starters, Wilmer Valderrama portrays the role of Nicholas “Nick” Torres in NCIS Season 15. The 38-year-old Venezuelan-American actor joined the series during its fourteenth installment shortly after former series regular Michael Weatherly left the show. In January 2016, the ex-beau of singer-actress Demi Lovato shared to New York Post that his character challenges other personalities on the popular CBS series.

“He really challenges the other characters — he really pushes the boundaries and the guidelines of what may be morally OK to do when cracking a case. He’s a deep, deep undercover guy, which means he becomes the people that he is surrounding himself with, the people that he is investigating.”

Earlier this month, the NCIS Season 15 actor sat down with the Hollywood Reporter and shared why he thinks the series remains victorious in the rating game up until now. Wilmer Valderrama told the news outlet that working on the popular CBS show is “intense.” The From Prada To Nada star even lauded all the people involved, both in front and behind the cameras, for working very hard to produce high-quality episodes.

“They’ve carved out a place for them in pop culture that’s been almost two decades now, and to see what they’ve done in formula and science, and the fact that they stuck with the audience, it’s kind of crazy to think about. Big tribute to Mark Harmon and the team and everybody there who’s made such a home in people’s hearts.”

Wilmer Valderrama also shared to the publication that he really thought of something new to offer when he was approached to join the famous television series. While he was hesitant at first, the NCIS Season 15 actor said that the series writers and showrunners have inspired him. He said he got so interested when the details about his character were laid out on the table.

“They found a section off NCIS that was an undercover world and developed a character that was very dark, very multilayered and fun and funny and grumpy. It was a really cool character, and I felt like it was something really fun that I could do for work.”

Meanwhile, CarterMatt shared that the most-recent NCIS Season 15 episode gave a lot of details about the background of Jack Sloane (Maria Bello). In the “Handle with Care” episode, it was revealed that the character of the 50-year-old American actress had gone through a lot of pains and trials that shaped her become the woman that she is today. The entertainment news website stated that Episode 16 showed the “broken down” version of agent Jack Sloane, who was known for being a strong and independent woman.

Many viewers got also interested in the tin box that Maria Bello’s character has found on NCIS Season 15 Episode 16. It was stated that the three-winged patches insider the tin box could possibly be related to what Jack Sloane had experienced in the past. The publication even recalled how Jack Sloane found a crying shoulder in the person of Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll).

Catch the imminent Episode 17 on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at 8 p.m. on CBS. The “One Man’s Trash” would feature special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum) chasing American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, who found the war stick that could solve a cold case. Stay tuned for the latest spoilers, news, and updates about NCIS Season 15!