Brandi Glanville Explains What Would Bring Her Back To ‘RHOBH’

For the last two years, Brandi Glanville has been off of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although she has not been missing from people’s television screens. Recently, fans of the reality star got to see her as part of the very first Celebrity Big Brother, plus she is also taking part in Marriage Boot Camp. However, while Glanville has certainly been staying busy working on different reality shows, it seems that she would be willing to return to the Real Housewives, under certain conditions.

According to an exclusive interview with OK Magazine, it seems that Brandi Glanville would not have a problem returning to RHOBH, as long as it “makes sense for the story.” The former Real Housewife explained that she has “main issues with certain people on the show,” with a lot of the problem being that they are only “fighting about non-sense.” Although this is one of the issues she has with the series, the other thing that she would want to have happen before she would be willing to return is to know that RHOBH is going to actually show viewers “the real issues” that she has with fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump. Glanville said that the most important thing for her is having the series show the reality of her relationship with Vanderpump.

Even though Brandi Glanville might be willing to return to RHOBH as long as the issues between her and Lisa Vanderpump were actually showcased, this does not mean she is willing to reconcile with the other woman at this time. The reality star said that she simply does not know if there is any way for the two “frenemies” to ever find a way to get past their issues with each other.

Brandi Glanville is not sure if there is a chance that she and Vanderpump can ever get past their current problems, as she explained that the other woman “cost me a lot of time, money, and heartache.” However, she did say that if Lisa Vanderpump were willing to “admit some things” and also offer up an apology, then there may be a chance for them to potentially move past their previous issues.

Although Brandi Glanville might be willing to return to RHOBH under the right set of circumstances, there is no guarantee that it will actually happen. For now, fans of the reality star will have to watch her as part of Marriage Boot Camp, and anywhere else she appears in the near future.