Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Team About To Release Two Cornerbacks, According To Report By 'Seattle Times'

Seattle Seahawks rumors haven't stopped over the last week. Now it appears the team is about to release two cornerbacks, continuing a trend of the franchise moving in a new direction this NFL offseason. A new report by the Seattle Times just came out, stating that the team is expected to release Richard Sherman and Jeremy Lane by this weekend.

Many Seahawks rumors, including a previous report by the Inquisitr, stated that Sherman was spending his final few hours as a member of the team. Now a confirmation has come out that the Seahawks tried hard to trade Sherman, but that nothing has surfaced over the past 24 hours. With the new NFL year beginning on Wednesday (March 14), the team is looking to make a significant move before that day.

Richard Sherman isn't the only name in these latest Seattle Seahawks rumors. Veteran cornerback Jeremy Lane, who was traded to the Houston Texans last year before returning, is also expected to get released in the next few days. Cutting Lane will help save additional money under the NFL salary cap, giving the team more flexibility to make moves in the next few months. Seeing a defense without Sherman or Michael Bennett and likely without the injured Kam Chancellor could be a shock to many fans of the team.

There are going to be a lot of holes for the Seahawks to fill during the 2018 NFL Draft, leading some fans to feel that there are more moves coming by the team. Some Seahawks fans are even stating on social media that their fears of Earl Thomas not signing a long-term extension could mean that the team will deal him around the draft. As the only healthy remaining member of the original Legion of Boom, that would be another difficult day for fans of the franchise to experience. It would usher in a new era of Seahawks football.

There is a potential scenario where Richard Sherman could return to the Seahawks. Once the team releases him, mostly in an effort to save some money, the team could look into signing him at a discounted rate. That doesn't sound like something Sherman would want to do, but it's a door that will be open once he has been released from the team. What these latest Seattle Seahawks rumors hint at, though, is a near future where Sherman will be playing for another team against them. The New England Patriots need depth. Would he sign there?