Man Allegedly Kills Three-Month-Old Daughter, Dead Body Found In Bedroom Closet

Licking County Sheriff's Office

An Ohio man has been charged for the death of a three-month-old baby found in a bedroom closet. According to the Newark Advocate, suspect, Ryan Mosholder was arrested after texting his brother, admitting that he had done something abominable and that he was going to be locked away for a long time if the police were involved.

Mosholder had told his brother that baby, Bri’Anna, had been choking before becoming unconscious. When the brother asked why he did not call the cops, Ryan said he was still trying to save the baby.

The brother rushed to the Heath apartment on the 100 block of Andover Road and found Bri’Anna. The three-month-old girl was found dead upstairs on a chest of drawers in a bedroom closet. The infant had blood oozing from her nose and mouth. Ryan Mosholder was nowhere to be found. He had fled, leaving two other children in the house.

Bri’Anna’s uncle immediately called 911.

Police tracked the 25-year-old man to his father’s home in Newark. He admitted to slapping the infant and punching her with a clenched fist but claimed he did that only when she became unresponsive. An autopsy would later reveal that Bri’Anna had internal lacerations, rib fractures, skull contusions, as well as bruises on her buttocks, back, and torso.

Ryan Mosholder allegedly killed three month old daughter
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Court documents made available to the New York Post concluded that the infant had died of blunt force injuries to the abdomen, chest, and head. Ryan Mosholder is currently being held on homicide charges, with his bond pegged at $1 million.

Bri’Anna’s mother, Keirstin Steele, speaking to police disclosed that she was in a nurse’s aide teaching class when she learned about the incident. She said she was still reeling from shock that a man she loved could hurt a child. Steele’s mother, speaking to ABC 6, revealed that Ryan was always an accident waiting to happen with his terrible temper because he refused to get help for it.

“He is just a time bomb. When is he gonna explode? And he exploded, and took it out on my granddaughter.”

Calista Puryear who described Bri’Anna as an angel said she simply had no words for the last moments of the infant’s short life as she laid there slowly dying from her injuries. Steele said she was aware of Ryan’s violent temper, but never expected it to spiral out-of-control to the point that he would take it out on a three-month-old baby.