March 7, 2018
Woman Quits Bank Job To Become Professional Adult Toy Tester And She Is 'Having Twice As Much Fun'

A bored banker gave up her job to become a professional adult toy tester. Cara Douglas, a mother-of-two from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom said she got tired of her $80,000 a year job and started reviewing lubricants, vibrators, and other explicit accessories for a living.

The 37-year-old speaking to the Daily Mail disclosed that she had so far tested over 3,000 sex aids—some with her IT consultant fiancé Darren, who has been extremely supportive. Douglas, who deemed herself lucky to have a partner who shared her interest in adult toys, said the experience had impacted on their sex lives, upping it to a whole new level.

However, the mother-of-two maintained that the unbridled pleasure was always coupled with a business mindset as she needed to still review the products for her teeming audience.

Cara, who now earns $40,000 a year and claims to have as many as 20 orgasms in a week, said that even though her current job paid less than her previous, she was having two times the fun. Douglas rationalizing the decision to quit her banking job said it was clashing with her attempts at raising a family and she knew she needed to leave when she got pregnant with her first child.

She explained that she always had a high sex drive as well as an insatiable appetite for adventure and considered taking a plunge in the adult industry with profitable opportunities coming to the fore. Cara said she already had a cache of adult toys and considered it a no-brainer to start a business from something she was hugely passionate about.

Cara started as a reviewer with Lovehoney, an online adult toy retailer shortly after giving birth to her first child and subsequently started reviewing toys from the company and earning affiliate commissions for her efforts.

"Lovehoney knows that I am always going to be completely honest about its products. If a toy gives me lots of orgasms then it will probably get ten out of ten, but if it is a dud I have to let my readers know."
The mother-of-two said movies like Fifty Shades of Grey had sexually liberated women, adding that she recently bought a vibrator for her mother-in-law and she loved it.

Cara Douglas is not the only one making a living from testing toys. The Daily Star is reporting that Beth Kenneh also makes cool cash reviewing the latest dildos and doling out sex advice to those who need it. The 32-year-old who said she does not really need a boyfriend because she is climaxing way more than when she was with any man, described herself as "a kid at Christmas" who always tried out her new toys as soon as they arrived.