Kelly Ripa Thanks Ryan Seacrest For Checking Her Wig And Having Her Back

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Kelly Ripa showed Ryan Seacrest just how much she trusts him during their after-Oscars special. According to one of her recent Instagram posts, she tasked her Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host with making sure that her fake hair looked good from behind. Ripa also praised Seacrest for being a good pal as he struggles to save his image. The entertainment industry icon has been accused of sexual misconduct, but he can still count Kelly Ripa among his supporters.

On Monday, Kelly took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo that was snapped backstage at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. As reported by PopCulture, she and Ryan Seacrest returned to the location where the Oscars were held to interview a few of the award show’s ecstatic winners. They also took a look back at some of the highlights of Hollywood’s biggest night, which included Kelly’s backstage encounters with Oscar attendees. Ryan wasn’t with her when she filled Sam Rockwell’s pockets with candy and chatted with Kobe Bryant about the difference between winning an Oscar and winning a basketball game. However, the morning after the Academy Awards, Kelly Ripa’s co-host had something more important to do than schmoozing with the stars.

“@ryanseacrest with one final wig check. (You always have my back),” Ripa captioned her silly social media post about Seacrest making sure that her counterfeit crowning glory wasn’t sitting crooked on her scalp.

Some of Kelly Ripa’s Instagram followers responded to her post by praising her backless black dress and her toned physique. Others expressed shock that her wavy golden locks are not the real deal.

@ryanseacrest with one final wig check. (You always have my back)

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“Are you really wearing a wig?” asked one incredulous commenter. “Cuz I work with cancer patients and wigs that are human hair and super expensive and this looks JUST like your pretty hair.”

“That’s a wig? Wow. It’s a very, very good one,” read another remark.

Some fans refused to believe that all the hair on Kelly’s hair was fake. A few of her followers suggested that she was actually referring to hair extensions, not a full wig.

“I don’t believe is a wig! I think it’s hair extensions,” wrote one commenter.

In response to her followers’ questions, Kelly revealed that her hair piece was actually a combination of extensions and a wig.

Oscar office, no biggie. #livekellyandryan #afteroscar

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While Kelly Ripa’s mention of her flawless mane kept a lot of the chatter focused on how great it looks for being fake, some of her Instagram followers addressed the elephant in the image by sharing their thoughts about Ripa’s decision to support Ryan Seacrest. As reported by Variety, the E! host has been accused of sexual misconduct. A former E! News stylist claims that she had to endure his unwanted and aggressive sexual advances for years, allegations that Seacrest has denied. It’s clear that some of Ripa’s followers are siding with the accuser.

“He should never have shown his face there,” read one remark about Seacrest’s presence on the Oscars red carpet.

However, most commenters were supportive of Seacrest and Ripa. They praised the pair’s warm working relationship and let Seacrest know that they don’t believe his accuser.

“So happy to see all the support you are giving Ryan,” wrote one admirer. “You are a great co-worker and friend.”