Adam Rippon Isn’t Here For The Hate As He Responds To His Critics After Wearing Harness To The Oscars

Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, not only did Adam Rippon win people’s hearts, but he also won a bronze medal in figure skating as part of the team event. It was because of his success, as well as his larger-than-life presence and willingness to be himself, that really led Rippon to being invited to the 2018 Oscars on March 4. In preparation for the awards ceremony, the fashion-forward figure skater shared on social media a look at what he would be wearing, and even before he hit the red carpet in his bold, mold-breaking suit, there were plenty of people who had an opinion on what he was planning to wear.

No matter what anyone said prior to the Oscars, once Adam Rippon stepped foot on the red carpet, it was clear that he was making a statement and being his own authentic self. In fact, it was all about standing out and being unique for Rippon, who wore a bondage-inspired suit from Moschino’s Jeremy Scott. The suit featured a leather harness under a black suit jacket that had shoulder cutouts showing off the figure skaters white dress shirt underneath. To go along with the leather harness, Adam Rippon also paired his look with a black leather bow tie.

However, while it was clear from his social media that Rippon was happy with his suit, there were plenty of people who were less than impressed with what he wore to the Oscars. Although there were certainly a number of posts complimenting the figure skater on his bold choice, there seemed to be just as many people expressing their disdain for his harness and cutout shoulders, according to the Daily Mail. Among the comments made on social media were people making fun of Adam Rippon for looking like he was planning to go to a leather bar after the awards ceremony. Other people said they felt as if he did not respect the occasion and was instead drawing attention to himself for no reason, with some saying that there is a “time and place” for such a look.

While there may have been plenty of haters, Adam Rippon not only seemed to enjoy his time at the Oscars but on Twitter, he made it clear that he was perfectly happy with what he wore. Rippon reminded his followers that fashion is all about expressing one’s self and that he chose what he wore because of how it made him feel. He said that he wants people to take risks and be bold, and not worry about what other people think. Adam Rippon then thanked everyone who helped him get ready for the big night, including Jeremy Scott.

No matter what the situation, Adam Rippon has shown that he can handle himself under pressure. Whether it is Olympic pressure, critics hating on him, or even having to defend his choices, Rippon has proven that not only does he know who he is as a person, but also just what to say. While there may be critics out there who were less than impressed with the figure skater’s Oscars look, based on his own social media posts, it seems that Adam Rippon is perfectly happy with what he wore and the experience of getting to attend the Oscars and its after party.