Ben Higgins Reacts To Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Decision To Dump Becca Kufrin, ‘ET’ Reports

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Former Bachelor Ben Higgins is speaking up after Season 22’s Arie Luyendyk Jr. decided to propose and then break up with Becca Kufrin for his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, saying that it could have been better if cameras were not rolling when he did this.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 29-year-old TV personality weighed in on the controversial finale of The Bachelor Season 22 after the heartbreaking scene, where Arie ended his engagement with Becca, was aired on Monday.

In the show’s final episode, which had been teased as “the most dramatic finale yet,” Arie gave the final rose to Becca and proposed to her, according to Variety.

“I choose you today and I choose you everyday,” he said.

However, their engagement had been short-lived as a confused Arie confessed in front of The Bachelor cameras that he is still torn between Becca and Lauren, saying that he would sometimes think about the latter while spending time with the former. He also admitted that he always thinks about the show’s runner-up during his every waking moment.

“I go to bed, I think about Lauren, I wake up, I think about Lauren.”

From there, he told the show’s team about his decision to reverse the initial results of the reality dating show and went ahead and talk to Becca, who was his fiancee at the time. Upon hearing his words, the 27-year-old Minnesota-native was clearly shocked and had nothing but strong words to spit at Arie.

This, says Ben Higgins, was because Arie assumed that Becca had been prepared for his sudden change of heart.

“Becca was shocked, and I think in his mind he had prepared her for this. He was walking in saying, ‘OK, this is going to make a lot of sense to her. She knows how I’m feeling, she’s probably expecting it,'” the former Bachelor star told ET.

Because of that, Higgins said that the situation got a little too awkward, not only for the two people on screen but also for those watching the show.

“And, instead, when we watched it, it was like she had no clue this was coming. [And] he didn’t leave, he wouldn’t leave, and that’s where I was feeling very awkward.”

Ben went on to explain that while he did understand what Arie felt considering that he had experienced it himself, it was wrong to deliver such a painful blow while cameras are rolling.

“Why does this have to happen with cameras around? Why can’t this just be done in a private moment away from everybody?”

“I also get the idea that he’s committed to allowing us into his love story, and part of his love story involves this… but we got to see some unedited video of a breakup that will definitely affect Becca probably for a long time, and Arie also,” he added.

In a separate report, ET revealed Ben Higgins’ thoughts about the Season 22 Bachelor’s move to propose then break up with a girl shortly after.

“My one issue with Arie after watching the finale [is] why would you take that step [and propose] if you’re so torn?”


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Like Ben Higgins, viewers of the show were not happy at how Arie and the show’s producers handled the situation, taking to Twitter to express their disappointment at how things turned out.

Some even noted how Becca was seemingly lured into a trap for Arie and the show to humiliate her on national TV.