NRA Releases iOS Firing Range App, Includes Gun Safety And Laws

The National Rifle Agency (NRA) on Monday released a new iOS target practice simulation app. The move comes after years in which the NRA adamantly stood against the video game industry and its ultra-violent take on weapons.

Titled NRA: Practice Range, the free game offers players a virtual shooting-gallery where they can hone their gun-toting skills. The app also comes equipped with safety tips for handling guns and a database of gun laws organized by state.

While the NRA gun app contains weapons, it has received a 4+ rating because it does not contain objectionable material. Players in the NRA sponsored game shoot at paper and clay targets.

The NRA gun app was developed by MEDL Mobile and has been listed as an official NRA-licensed product.

Guns in the game include M-16, AK-47, and other assorted weapons which can be purchased through an in-app store platform.

The game is fairly rudimentary with clunky tilt controls; however, many buyers may find it useful for its gun laws collection and its ability to teach children about gun safety in an electronic environment they might better accept.

While the NRA may be attempting to reach a new audience, several publications have already noted that less clunky and more usable gun safety and law applications already exist on the open market.

This is actually the second iOS app from the NRA; the organization’s first title, the “NRA Gun Club review,” was released in 2006 but received horrible reviews.

Will you be downloading NRA: Practice Range to teach your own children about gun safety?