'This Is Us' Actress Chrissy Metz Excited For Upcoming Movie Role Not Focused On Her Weight

Actress Chrissy Metz has a lot going for her right now. Not only has This is Us been a huge success, Chrissy recently just released a book and is now also preparing for the lead role in a movie called The Impossible. What makes this movie even more special for Metz is that none of the storyline revolves around her weight.

Glamour reported on this new role Chrissy will be starring in. The movie is based on a true-life story and centered around a woman's faith. The movie is based on the book called, The Impossible: The Miraculous Story of a Mother's Faith and Her Child's Resurrection. Metz will be playing the role of Joyce, the mother in the story, whose teenage son fell through a frozen lake located in Missouri. Joyce, who relied on prayer for strength, prayed by her son's bedside until his heart began to beat again.

Metz reveals that she was able to closely relate to Joyce when she read the script because her mother had a stroke five months ago. Chrissy says she could relate to Joyce in the sense that she relied on faith, positive thoughts, and unconditional love just as Joyce did. Metz said, "I totally believe in the power of positivity and collective consciousness and what you put out there."

Not only did Chrissy feel she could relate to the character she was asked to play, Metz did not even have to audition for the part. It was hers if she wanted it and she was thrilled. The best part for Metz was that this story has zero to do with her weight or being a plus-sized woman. Chrissy said, "This is not a movie about weight; this is not about being a plus-size woman. It's about this beautiful, miraculous story, and that's exciting. It's sort of unchartered territory for me, so I'm really grateful but also nervous. A lot nervous! I'm really thrilled and honored to have this opportunity."

People also reported on Chrissy's new opportunity. They shared that not only is Chrissy excited her weight will not play a part in the film, she is also extremely excited the movie is being directed by a woman. Roxann Dawson, who is also an actress, will be directing The Impossible and she informed Chrissy that she has every intention of challenging her with this role. Metz was thrilled and knows it's good to be challenged both professionally and personally.

Chrissy, who heads out on her book tour this month, has a busy 2018 ahead of her. The huge season finale of This is Us is also approaching quickly. The finale is said to be centered around Kate and Toby's wedding. Chrissy teased that in true This is Us form to expect the unexpected and know there will be some twists.

The season finale of This is Us will air March 13 on NBC.