Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman: Most Adorable Power Couple In Entertainment? Urban Gushes Over Kidman And Life

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman continue to endear fans worldwide, due to their enduring love for one another and the way the power couple balances their successful careers and their family life. After 12 years of marriage, Kidman and Urban appear to be more in love with one another than ever and continually praise one another for their talents and longevity in entertainment. In addition, the couple gushed over each other, while individually sharing, during interviews, as to how they manage to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

This time around Keith Urban was happily in the hot seat about how he and Kidman make it work and make it seem so easy. As the Daily Mail relays, Urban spoke openly about the reasons he and the Big Little Lies star wife work, crediting their Australian upbringing for keeping both he and Nicole so down-to-earth.

“I think it is more the Aussie in us, in both of us honestly… my experience and Nic’s experience has been is that it’s how you are raised,” the country star stated, adding, “You get raised to just ‘pull your bloody head in’ and do your work and just don’t get caught up in all the other stuff and to stay grounded.”

The award-winning singer also took the necessary time to gush over Kidman’s impressive achievements in film and television. Urban pointed out how well his star wife and Reese Witherspoon worked together to bring Big Little Lies to the point of massive success that it’s reached, reminding that it was a united “girl power” and focus that allowed the two talented beauties to do so.

“I am so unbelievably proud of her. Not just the success of the show but the fact that it was all they’re doing,” he said of Nicole’s HBO series Big Little Lies.

“It was such girl power, you know, between her and Reese Witherspoon and their producers, and Liane Moriarty (the author), it was all these people coming together to make this happen.”

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The star couple does not just rule their respective industries- film/television and music- but also seem to bring star power to family life as well. Kidman and Urban have two adorable daughters, Sunday, 9, and Faith, 7, whom the pair make their no. 1 priority above all else, which also seems to help in their career success. Keith Urban spoke about how he and Nicole manage to keep their work-life balance and how they ensure to always put their family life ahead of work.

“We travel an enormous amount in order to not be away for weeks… but I know I don’t want to be that way, Nic doesn’t want to be that way, so we will travel back and forward,. [We]are never more than apart from each other for more than a few days.”

Last month, as Pop Culture reminds, Urban shared how the whole family also sits in on decisions, seeing as often times the foursome relocate for small amounts of time so that Kidman can film, or Urban can tour. The four all have to agree reportedly, before any move is made.