March 1, 2018
Girl Grabs Man Who Allegedly Sexually Harassed Her And Parades Him Through The Market [Video]

A student in New Delhi, India, was filmed earlier this week by witnesses as she grabbed the man who allegedly sexually harassed her by the collar and paraded him through the market. The incident took place in the Karol Bagh area of the Indian capital.

The 21-year-old was seen holding the man by the collar with one hand while using the other to call the police, the Daily Mail reports. The man, named Manish Kumar, was not able to flee the scene as the incident soon attracted a large crowd that were apparently cheering on the young woman's bravery. The man is seen in the video (attached below) trying to hide his face, while also trying to apologize for his actions. He can be heard addressing the woman as "Didi," which is Hindi for "Sister."

The brave woman described the incident to the media, saying that Manish Kumar was one of two men who harassed her. She says she first tried avoiding them, but later decided to fight back after they started making vulgar comments.

"There were three men in a rickshaw. Two of them were constantly making lewd comments and obscene gestures. The third man did not do anything. At first, we tried to avoid them but they kept stalking us. Two of them even followed us around while making vulgar comments."
The 21-year-old said that she decided that the men needed to be taught a lesson after they started getting abusive. She says that passers-by helped her catch the man and that a traffic policeman from nearby offered her help while she waited for the police.
"The traffic policeman caught hold of the man and, with the help of a passer-by, took us to the police station."
Once at the police station, a plan was made to catch Manish Kumar's accomplish. Kumar was forced to call the man, called Abhishek, on his phone and tell him that all charges had been dropped and their victim just wanted a compromise. Once he arrived, he was arrested by the Karol Bagh police. The arrests were confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Police M.S. Randhawa. The two men were students from Haryana, who had come to the market to get their laptop fixed. Further details have not been released.

Sexual Harassment
An Indian market.

The woman later made a public statement regarding the incident, thanking the policemen and the locals who helped her, while also implying that she was tired of letting incidents such as this go by unchallenged.

"I want to thank the police and locals for helping me catch the two men. This is not the first time I have been harassed on the road but I decided to hit back this time because despite being ignored, they persisted and followed me."