‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Seeks For More Answers From Kim, Anna Has A Confession For Finn

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the first episode for March will be all about seeking for answers and having realizations.

The Friz wedding will be in the spotlight this week in General Hospital. There seems to be something troubling about Liz and Franco getting married and there are bound to be more revelations this week. While Franco tries to figure out how to make sense of his current situation, there is someone else who will continue to feel something nagging at him.

Drew (Billy Miller) will continue to be curious about the life he forgot. He knows his life was a lie and he is ready to find answers. Casting off his identity as Jason had a huge impact on him. Now, Drew is on a quest to look for bits and pieces of his memories from the past. It seems like Franco played a huge role in Drew’s life, but as revealed in previous episodes of General Hospital, Franco seems to be afraid of making sense of what happened to them during their childhood.

Since Franco won’t seem to be capable of providing answers to his questions, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew will look to Kim for answers. Not only is she the mother of his child, but she is also someone Drew knew before he went through Faison’s mind-mapping study.

Drew will approach Kim with a lot of questions on his mind. Talking about the past and accepting who he was before being Jason took time, but it appears like Drew is in the process of accepting the truth.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that he will have several questions for Kim, and he will ask if there was anything he mentioned about his life when they met each other a long time ago. Based on Kim’s expression, it seems like she knows something important but she will hesitate about sharing it with him.

Meanwhile, Ava will be elated to spend time with Avery after she found a way to get Sonny to approve of the visit. Griffin is, of course, happy to see Ava in such a joyful state. However, he may not totally approve of her choices if she knows the underhanded method she used.

The week is coming to a close, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Friday’s episode will rock Port Charles to its core.