Jeff Hardy WWE Return Update, While Matt Hardy Prepares For A Great War

Jeff Hardy has been out of action since October 2017 after he suffered an injury in a match on WWE Monday Night Raw. Since his injury, Hardy underwent surgery and has been working on healing up and rehabbing his shoulder. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy and the WWE finally pulled the trigger on the “Broken Matt” gimmick, retitling it as “Woken Matt” and inserted him into an underwhelming feud with Bray Wyatt. Wrestling Observer Radio (by way of Wrestling Inc) reports that Jeff’s rehabilitation is going well and he is training, hoping to return to the WWE in time for WrestleMania 34. However, there is no word on whether or not he will be put into the Woken Matt storyline or return on his own.

Jeff Hardy WWE Injury Return Update

Jeff Hardy tore his rotator cuff and labrum in his shoulder when he hit the Poetry in Motion on Elias Samson and fell wrong on his shoulder. The injury was a tough one, as the WWE was pushing the Hardy Boyz hard at the time, despite the fact the tag team titles already changed hands.

The surgery took place on October 3, and the timetable for his return was four to six months. Four months passed at the start of February, and Jeff Hardy returned to Birmingham, Alabama, to have his shoulder checked out, hoping to start working towards his WWE return.

According to the hosts of Wrestling Observer Radio, Jeff Hardy is already working out and training for his WWE return, and he wants to return in time for WrestleMania 34.

The timing is good because The Bar just claimed they had beaten everyone and there is no one left. While this opens things up for The Revival to possibly step in and challenge them, that is not a WrestleMania caliber match. The Hardys reuniting to battle The Bar is a huge match.

Matt Hardy Promises A Great War

On the other hand, Woken Matt Hardy is working hard to make his “Woken Matt” gimmick work in the WWE despite lackluster promos and matches with Bray Wyatt. Sadly, the WWE has chosen to have a lot of laughing and very little unique and exciting action to move the gimmick forward.

On Twitter, Matt Hardy posted that the “Ultimate Deletion” is coming. That makes it sound like the WWE might be willing to try to film a crazy match similar to the Final Deletion from Impact Wrestling that helped the Broken Matt gimmick skyrocket in popularity.

If Matt Hardy is preparing for a monster match with Bray Wyatt similar to the Final Deletion from Impact Wrestling, Jeff Hardy might be involved in that instead of the tag team title scene. Hardy has already filmed small vignettes on his own with Vanguard, the drone from Impact Wrestling, and Senior Benjamin has resurfaced as well.

If the WWE brings back the things that made Broken Matt fun and somehow manages to make Bray Wyatt interesting again, this could be a great place to re-introduce Jeff Hardy as Brother Nero. Jeremy Borash is now a WWE employee, so there is always a chance Hardy could salvage this gimmick.