Farrah Abraham Fired: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Question Her Financial Situation And Sophia’s Safety

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Farrah Abraham had a bad attitude when it came to her Teen Mom OG producers last year, and her comments were featured on the show this week. Senior producer Morgan J. Freeman went to visit Farrah to discuss her behavior and talk about her decision to engage in more adult entertainment business deals. If she decided to go ahead with these business deals, Farrah could no longer film Teen Mom OG. On next week’s episode, Farrah will be fired from MTV. She felt mistreated and has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Viacom and MTV for wrongful termination. Perhaps this move has people questioning why she’s going after millions of dollars.

While filming Teen Mom OG, Farrah has made plenty of money, as the girls were rumored to be making at least $250,000 per season over the past few seasons. Farrah also reportedly made $1 million from her sex tapes. However, Farrah has also spent money opening various businesses, including a frozen yogurt shop and an interior design business. According to her latest Instagram post, Farrah Abraham’s fans are questioning her financial situation after being cut from Teen Mom OG. Perhaps she had counted on making money from additional seasons of the show and is suing for more money.

Farrah Abraham has never talked about her financial situation, and it’s possible that she won’t be discussing her finances with the world. In fact, she could keep a low profile when it comes to her business ventures, as she’s moving from the Teen Mom OG world to the adult entertainment business. She is probably making money despite not filming for MTV anymore, but the work may be contract based and not a recurring source of income like Teen Mom OG. The lawsuit is rather new, so the network hasn’t responded in a legal sense. It could take months, if not longer, before Farrah gets any source of resolution from her lawsuit. Fans have also questioned the safety of Sophia, as she will no longer be featured on the television. One person questioned why Child Protective Services hadn’t been called yet.

Farrah Abraham is currently doing various things that are making her money in the entertainment industry, something that MTV can’t support. It sounds like she has already been replaced on the show, which is something Farrah may not be too happy about.