Nikolas Cruz: Florida Shooting Suspect Was A ‘Problem Child’ From A ‘Drug Addict’ Birth Mom, Says Neighbor

Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooting suspect, bathes in the limelight once more as a new report stated how his neighbor called him “trouble child,” revealing details about his adoption and “drug addict” birth mother.

After his arrest for allegedly going on a rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and killing a total of 17 people on Valentine’s Day, the 19-year-old suspected gunman has garnered enough attention to be subject of headlines. Since then, his background, mental stability, and previous encounters with the police have been laid bare for public scrutiny.

Now, a new report from Radar Online revealed statements from some of his former neighbors, providing never-before-known details about his adoption and his biological parents.

Based on the report, the teenager accused as the Florida shooter had a troubled childhood. Sharing images of Nikolas as a child, the outlet said Trish Devaney, one of his neighbors from 1999 to 2002, called him a “hyperactive problem child.”

Devaney, who was allegedly close to Nikolas’ adoptive mother Lynda Cruz, said that she and her husband, Roger, wanted to have a child and opted for an adoption. However, the couple had to wait for quite a long time before they finally became the Florida shooter’s adoptive parents.

“The adoption process was taking so long [because] they didn’t want someone her age. She was probably around 50 at the time,” Devaney said.

“So she went to a lawyer and did it to where you pay the biological mother’s expenses. You’re not directly giving money to the birth mother.”

She went on to reveal that Nikolas Cruz’s biological mother was “a complete screw-up, drug addict, and thief” after she took a whopping $50,000 from the Cruz couple in exchange for her son. At the time, Lynda and Roger were able to bring him home directly from the hospital mere days after he was born.

To top that off, Lynda also did not hesitate to adopt Nikolas’ biological brother for an additional $15,000 when she found out that their birth mother was in prison.

But before she pushed through with the adoption, Devaney tried to talk her out of it.

“I even said to Lynda: ‘You don’t know the mother’s background.’ Both children were born after one-night stands. The birth mother, she didn’t even really know who the two biological fathers were,” she said.

After that, she went on to tell Radar an incident that made her realize that Nikolas Cruz is a troubled child.

“He threw my four-month-old into the pool. My son was crawling on the back patio and he threw my son into the pool. And Nikolas was only two then.”

Based on a previous report from the Inquisitr, the 19-year-old alleged gunman had been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and depression. He even underwent a psychological examination in 2016 under Henderson Behavioral Health but was deemed fit enough not to be admitted to a medical facility.

Years before that, Nikolas Cruz has displayed questionable behavior which was highlighted in another Inquisitr report about 911 calls made during his brief stay at the Lantana, Florida trailer park.

Cruz stands accused of the Valentine’s Day Parkland school shooting and was expected to make his third appearance on Monday. However, Independent reported that the hearing was dropped after the defense lawyers agreed to hand over fingerprints, DNA, and photographs of the defendant to the prosecutors which were supposedly the reason for the scheduled court appearance.