February 27, 2018
Seth Meyers Calls Trump Idea To Arm Teachers The 'Dumbest' Idea In The World

Late Night With Seth Meyers was on a break for two weeks during the Winter Olympics, but now he's back with a vengeance, and he is finally able to voice his opinion on the Parkland school shooting, and of course, Donald Trump. And one aspect of the dialogue is disturbing Seth Meyers more than anything else, and that's the Trump idea of arming teachers. Meyers says he understands that everybody is spitballing and throwing out ideas, but some of the thoughts from Trump and the NRA are ridiculous.

Seth Meyers Believes That The Trump Idea To Arm Teachers Is 'Ludicrous'

The Daily Beast reported that Seth Meyers is perplexed how anyone, even Trump, could think that arming teachers is the solution to the problem.
"The NRA and their allies are resorting to increasingly ludicrous suggestions for how to deal with gun violence in schools."
Seth Meyers said that Donald Trump then spent the weekend repeating the idea of arming teachers over and over again as if by saying it, it would make it so.
"This is one of the worst things about having Trump as president. Every time he goes on TV and blurts the dumbest things in the world, the rest of us have to debate it like it's a real idea. He says, 'Hey, I think we should take incredibly stressed-out people who make $30,000 a year and give them guns' and then Wolf Blitzer has to stand there and go, 'S**t, well let's ask the panel.'"

Seth Meyers Thinks There Are A Lot Of Things Teachers Need From Trump Beside Guns

Donald Trump has said that he doesn't want to arm all teachers, but just the ones who want to go through the firearms training. But Seth Meyers questions whether teachers with firearms training would want to actually bring a gun into the classroom.

Seth Meyers believes that there are so many things that teachers need, and guns are not one of them. Meyers says it's best to start with school supplies.

"Teachers need supplies, not guns. The only guns that should be in schools are glue guns. And they should be used the way all students use them: to glue the shop teacher's butt to his chair."

Seth Meyers Is Calling Foul On The Idea That Trump Would Have Run Into A Building With Gunfire

Vanity Fair says that Seth Meyers believes that Donald Trump has a credibility problem in the matter of the Parkland shooting. When Donald Trump said that unlike the security guards, Trump would have run into the building during the gunfire. Seth Meyers calls foul.
"Nothing about that is believable. Forget running into a school to confront a shooter; I don't believe you'd run anywhere, period. You can't even be bothered to walk down a flight of stairs. Then again, I said before that I didn't think you'd run and, man, did I get burned."
Meyers is hinting at back in 2015 when he said he didn't think Donald Trump would run for president.

But Seth Meyers says that there is another reason he doesn't believe that Trump would have run into the school.

"I gotta say, I find it hard to believe Trump would voluntarily run inside a place of education. The only way you would run inside is if a reporter asked you a question outside."
Seth Meyers will continue to follow the story of the Parkland shooting on Late Night With Seth Meyers.