‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash Is Running For Congress

Stacey Dash has filed paperwork to run for Congress in the state of California. The Clueless star is taking the proper steps to run for the state’s 44th district.

According to CNN, the 44th district encompasses Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach. The seat has been represented by a Democrat since 2012, and the outspoken Republican is looking to replace Nanette Barragán (D) for her seat. CNN also noted the district heavily supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, who took 83 percent of the vote.

Dash had been hinting about a possible future in politics, as the actress asked her Twitter followers their thoughts on her running for a political office. According to her tweet, Dash claimed she had received many requests from followers to run for office. The tweet was sent out almost three weeks ago and received over 550 retweets, 4,800 likes and had an astonishing 2,3000 comments.

The comments on the tweet seemed to be rather split, but hundreds supported Dash in her pursuit of political office. For those who didn’t, Dash engaged with some in the comment section urging them to unfollow her and not comment on her posts if they were not interested.

On February 22, she tweeted out that things were “taking shape,” almost confirming the news that she would, in fact, be pursuing some kind of career in politics. The next day she tweeted out one word: “Soon.”

Sooner came rather than later now that her pursuit is officially in the works. The 51-year-old has not officially shared the news on her Twitter at the time of this publication.

The Hill is reporting Dash filed her paperwork under the slogan “Dash to DC.” The slogan was also used in the actress’s first tweet where she pondered running, which also included the phrase “Paid for by the D2DC ‘Testing the Waters’ Committee.”

Dash was once a contributor to Fox News for three years, but the actress was not asked back after her contract expired. Many have speculated the reason behind her disappearance was because she used an expletive when talking about Barack Obama.

“I feel like he could give a s***, excuse me, he could care less,” she said when speaking of Obama’s fight against terrorism.

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