ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Overnights In Peru Bring Struggles, Intensity For Final 3

Paul HebertABC

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s journey to find love is nearing the finish line and Bachelor spoilers hint that there are major curveballs ahead. The overnight fantasy suite dates will be shown during Monday night’s episode and fans are dying for Bachelor spoilers regarding what goes down. What can everybody expect?

ABC reveals that Kendall Long’s overnight date will be shown first, and Bachelor spoilers detail that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Kendall will spend the day riding the sand dunes in a buggy before having a serious evening dinner. Kendall will open up about being a quirky girl and she’ll admit she’s falling for Arie. As fans have already seen, previews indicate that he’ll tell her he’s falling for her too.

The Bachelor spoilers share that Lauren Burnham’s fantasy suite date will be shown second and she will join Luyendyk on a plane tour to see the Nazca Lines. Lauren will struggle to focus on her time with Luyendyk, worrying about how Becca Kufrin and Kendall are still in the picture, and she’s said to toss out a bombshell during their date.

During their evening together, Bachelor spoilers share that Arie will make an “extremely emotional declaration” that serves to show Burnham how strongly he feels for her. Luyendyk has previously admitted that he fell in love with two women, and previews show him telling both Becca and Lauren he’s in love with them. This declaration of Arie’s will surely bring Lauren some relief, but Bachelor spoilers hint that she shouldn’t let her guard down yet.


Arie and Becca will explore the Ballestas Islands and they’ll spend a happy, romantic evening in a tent under the stars. The Bachelor spoilers detail that Kufrin will open up about when she first realized she was in love with Luyendyk and he’ll share his growing feelings for her too.

Before the rose ceremony, Bachelor spoilers reveal that a “mystery visitor” arrives in Peru to turn everything upside down. ABC explains that this visitor has shown up aiming to win back his ex-girlfriend, one of Luyendyk’s remaining ladies. How dramatic will this situation get? TV Guide teases that this “blockbuster surprise” may throw a major wrench into Arie’s journey to find his future wife.

Who is this mystery visitor? Gossip guru Reality Steve previously detailed that this is Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Ross Jirgl. Things will get intense as this plays out, and it seems that the chaos may impact Luyendyk’s decision regarding which two women to keep.

Ultimately, Arie needs to eliminate one of his final three women. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Kendall will be sent home while Lauren and Becca will battle for Luyendyk’s final rose. However, it seems that the incident with Kufrin’s ex will leave Arie somewhat rattled.

Based on previous hints from the show as well as spoilers from Reality Steve, Arie’s final rose ceremony isn’t the end of his journey to find love this winter. There are said to be juicy twists and turns ahead yet as ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season wraps up and fans are anxious to see just what Arie Luyendyk Jr. does and how he’s doing with his pick now.