February 26, 2018
Luke Skywalker Reportedly Had A Wife After All

Disney may have brought it back.

Luke Skywalker reportedly had a wife, according to a leak of the first line of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization. The book and its publisher, Lucasfilm, are owned by Disney.

"Luke Skywalker stood in the cooling sands of Tatooine, his wife by his side," reads an apparent photo of the first page of the book, which was posted to imgur.

Before Disney announced in April of 2014 that Star Wars' "Expanded Universe" would no longer be canon, it was official that Skywalker married Mara Jade, who became a Jedi Knight but used to be an assassin for Emperor Palpatine.

The apparent first line of the novelization does not necessarily mean that Mara Jade is the wife, but you must ask that question. Admittedly, a new character could be created, however. Fans saw it in the Expanded Universe: a child of Han Solo and Leia Organa, Ben Solo, wasn't the same person as the couple's children in the books that are no longer canon (part of the Legends series), though one of the two, Jacen Solo, was much like Ben Solo, now Kylo Ren. Jacen Solo was Force-sensitive and part of the new Jedi movement but then fell to the dark side.

And Skywalker and Mara Jade had a child named Ben Skywalker.

Did Luke Skywalker have a wife? The novelization of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' may indicate that.

There are many questions. What happened to this wife? Did she die in the Jedi training establishment that Skywalker created, as discussed in the films of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi? Fans also know from those films that a lot of folks who were a part of Skywalker's program died. Did Skywalker and this wife part ways without any death involved?

And when did Skywalker get married? Not that the when, who, or other details are something that would have mattered to Rey, the person who sought out Skywalker and brought the audience back to his story.

It's also interesting that Skywalker would be married at all given that the Jedi Order, at least in the past, forbid marriage, when Skywalker's father disobeyed the rule. Also, who, if anyone, would have known about it?

And perhaps the line on Skywalker being with his wife is part of a dream sequence, as offered on a reddit thread.

Besides that, he tried to train new Jedi, but the film version of The Last Jedi didn't say much about what Skywalker had done in the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Being a global franchise it is, the stories of Star Wars can also be expressed through mediums like novels, as they sometimes have been since the franchise returned in December of 2015. Reveals as big as Skywalker having a wife may actually open up more story opportunities.

While this leak has apparently occurred, the entire novelization of The Last Jedi is scheduled for a March 6 release.