Jennifer Lawrence Puts On Leggy Display In Short Black Dress But Manages To Ward Off The Cold This Time

Greg Allen/InvisionAP Images

Jennifer Lawrence made a leggy display in a short black dress in New York City after fighting a controversy that involved another dress. The 27-year-old is busy promoting her new film, Red Sparrow, but it hasn’t come without distractions over her choice of fashion in the past week.

On Thursday, the movie star was seen bundled up in a leopard-print coat and distressed jeans in New York. Friday night, she threw on a black dress that was low-cut and short for a press gathering promoting Red Sparrow but warded off the cold this time in a stylish blazer. It made fans happy to see her a little more covered up than she was for Tuesday’s photocall in London.

You can get a fuller view of Jennifer Lawrence’s little black dress in the YouTube video below posted by US Showbiz. Her entire look is seen through various stills of the actress being interviewed and promoting the film.

Daily Mail published the images of Jennifer Lawrence in the little black dress. Her dress had white lace trim around the neckline and bottom. She donned a pair of feathery black booties. She accessorized the look with a black choker and black clutch. Her hair was swept entirely off her face and pulled back into a loose twisted knot.

Lawrence hit back at critics who were offended that she was in a skimpy dress in the freezing temperatures while her male co-stars were bundled up for a photo shoot in London. Many fans believed the super low-cut, high-slit gown by Versace was “sexist” and exploiting Lawrence as a female in the film industry. The Hunger Games star posted a statement on her Facebook page that stated that she chose to wear the dress and felt insulted at the uproar over her gown. Jennifer insisted that she didn’t want to cover the gown with a coat or scarf and that she would’ve stood in the snow to be photographed in it. Moreover, she wrote that the photo shoot everyone is so upset about only lasted five minutes.

Jennifer Lawrence added in her statement that “creating controversy” over what she chooses or doesn’t choose to wear “is not moving us forward.”