Fast And Furious Spinoff Causes More Controversy

Fast and Furious has been lauded as a successful mix of nitrous oxide and street-smart bravado. Produced under the creative direction of F. Gary Gray, the latest film broke global box office records, raking in about $532.5 million in its opening weekend. This was with an audience spanning over half a dozen markets across the world. Its North American opening revenues were, however unexpectedly low. The latest kicked off at $100.2 million, while the previous grossed $147.2 million in its opening weekend.

That said, one of the many drivers of its latest success has been the diversification of high profile characters, including Luke Hobbs (played by Dwayne Johnson, widely known as The Rock). The latest development of Dwayne's character within the franchise brought about a conflict with a few male actors, including Tyrese Gibson.

Differences between Dwayne and the cast members came up last year after he called some of them "Candy "A****" via a Facebook post. The following was his actual statement.

"My female co-stars are always amazing and I love 'em. My male co-stars however are a different story. Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals while others don't. The ones that don't are too chicken s*** to do anything about it anyway. Candy a****."

The main reason for the differences became apparent after Tyrese begged the star not to do the Hobbs And Shaw movie, a Fast and Furious spinoff based on his character, saying, "You will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter. I don't wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about. I'm on your timeline cause you're not responding to my text messages – #FastFamily is just that a family…….. We don't fly solo."

Tyrese was mad that Johnson's spinoff held back filming of the next Fast and Furious movie by over a year. He also posted a message on Instagram telling the Jumanji actor that other Fast and Furious crew members had declined spinoff offers. But according to the latest revelation by Ludacris, there were no such offers. This was during an interview with The Breakfast Club. Luda also talked about his situation with Tyrese and how he handled the situation with Dwayne, saying he didn't like how he did it. He reportedly has ongoing differences with Gibson although they are "brothers." You can check out the interview below. Ludacris currently hosts Fear Factor.