20 NCAA College Basketball Programs Under FBI Investigation

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After all the turmoil in the college basketball world over the last year, it looks like everything is about to fall apart. Yahoo Sports obtained documents that reveal that the FBI is investigating more than 20 NCAA college basketball programs for rules violations. This is massive and could turn the entire college basketball landscape on its head, especially after the recent problems at schools like Louisville. The documents show that the FBI is investigating corruption in college basketball and many of the schools are major powers in the world of the NCAA.

Which College Basketball Programs Are The FBI Investigating?

The schools that the documents identified under FBI investigation include Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan State, and USC. Individual names involved in the investigation include Miles Bridges of Michigan State, Collin Sexton of Alabama and Wendell Carter of Duke.

Included in what the FBI is investigating involves work by ASM Sports and former NBA agent Andy Miller. There were allegedly cash advances plus entertainment and travel expenses paid to collegiate athletes and their families with paperwork dating from 2015 through 2017.

ESPN reported that the NCAA is paying close attention to the FBI investigation into college basketball and could hand down sanctions to as many as three dozen NCAA universities. While North Carolina is listed as under investigation, head coach Roy Williams previously said he was sure his school was not part of this probe.

20 NCAA College Basketball Programs Under FBI Investigation
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What Will Be The Result Of This College Basketball Scandal?

Last September, the FBI arrested four college basketball assistant coaches as part of the investigation. Those men included coaches from Arizona, USC, Oklahoma State, and Auburn. On Thursday, a federal judge continued the criminal indictments against Adidas executives and an employee of Andy Miller’s ASM Sports.

This is no longer just theories either. The FBI has more than 4,000 wiretap conversations recorded and financial records, emails, and other records from ASM Sports that ties directly into the world of college basketball.

There are even NBA stars whose names have popped up from their college basketball days, including Dennis Smith Jr. of the Dallas Mavericks. The documents Yahoo Sports obtained show that he received $73,500 in loans from ASM while playing at North Carolina State. The No. 1 overall 2017 NBA Draft pick Markelle Fultz also received $10,000.

The NCAA set up an independent Commission on College Basketball when they learned of the FBI investigation last October. ESPN reported that NCAA president Mark Emmert said he wants to clean up college basketball.