Trump Pats His Hair, Jokes About His Bald Spot At CPAC: ‘I Try Like Hell To Hide That Bald Spot’ [Video]

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

President Donald Trump took a moment during the CPAC on Friday, February 23 to offer a little self-deprecating humor against himself — but only after complimenting himself. The president’s comments about his own hair came in the wake of Trump going viral over a bald spot that was revealed when strong winds recently blew Trump’s hair forward, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As seen in the attached video, Trump paused shortly after he began speaking to the CPAC crowd to admire himself in the monitor, speaking about “what a nice picture that is,” apparently his own image.

“Look at that; I love to watch that guy speak,” President Trump said, smiling and playing up to the crowd.

Trump then proceeded to pat his own hair on the side, turning around to reveal the back of his hair and then the other side of his hair.

Trump admitted that he does indeed try to hide the bald spot in his hair.

“I try like hell to hide that bald spot,” Trump said as the CPAC crowd cheered and applauded, with some folks shouting that they loved Trump.

Trump said that his hair “doesn’t look bad though” and told the crowd “we’re hanging in” as he entertained the crowd. Trump’s hair was notably brushed down, without any bald spots being easily revealed during his speech.

Besides speaking about his own bald spot in his hair, as seen in the above video, Trump also covered topics as wide-ranging as tax cuts and the most successful year of his administration, which Trump dubbed the best ever from any president’s first year — something he said he really believes.

Trump’s hair has often been a topic of interest, with Ivanka Trump allegedly speaking of her dad using Just For Men to dye his hair, but not being patient enough to allow the substance to darken his hair, as claimed by Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff, the Inquisitr previously reported. Reports of an alleged scalp surgery and Trump’s use of Propecia or Finasteride has previously been reported by the New York Times to address male-pattern baldness.