Eudoxie Yao Has 500K Instagram Followers, 60-Inch Hips, But Claims She’s Never Had Implants Or Plastic Surgery

Eudoxie Yao has nearly 500,000 Instagram followers and is gaining plenty of attention for her striking figure. According to the Daily Mail, Yao has a hip size that spans 60 inches around, but Eudoxie claims her hourglass figure is all natural and not the result of any implants or plastic surgery augmentation. With more than 2,500 Facebook shares for the article, Yao is receiving backlash from people who accuse her of using Photoshop or plastic surgery to achieve such a shape.

Hailing from Abidjan, a city on the southern Atlantic coast in the west African country named Ivory Coast, Yao says that her unique figure literally stops traffic as people stop and stare at her hips. Eudoxie claims that her unique shape is not the result of any silicone or saline augmentation, but Yao credits her genes for her figure.

Eudoxie didn’t make it clear if injections would fall under the category of the plastic surgery term she is referencing, but Yao admits that she is a fan of Kim Kardashian. Yao said that her elders have larger buttocks than her and that she has always had her natural unique shape. Eudoxie does not know her size, nor does she want to go on a diet to slim down her body. Yao orders her clothes online and tailors them to fit her body, which cuts a striking pose with a small waist and large buttocks.

A review of Eudoxie’s Instagram account, searching back through “belfie” photos from 2015, revealed no apparent throwback photos of Yao as a younger woman to prove her claims that her figure has always looked that way. Yao will not reveal her age.

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Eudoxie has been made famous by her figure, reports the Mirror. She also goes by the nickname “Queen Eudoxie.” Yao says that some of the comments she first received online made her cry, but says she dresses to please herself and not others.

Eudoxie prefers tight-fitting clothes that show off her shape instead of covering it up – a practice she claims many larger women employ. Now her body has turned her into a “conversation topic” and caused her to travel all around the Ivory Coast and beyond for appearances, where she is treated like a celebrity.