Donald Trump Is Now Monogramming His Shirts And More With ’45’

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Donald Trump held his listening session with the families and survivors of the Parkland shooting yesterday and close-up photographs were taken of a list in his hand of talking points. But along with the list on a White House note card, it was obvious that Donald Trump had a 45 monogrammed on the cuff of his shirt sleeve. Trump is the 45th president of the United States, but it is unusual for any president to put their presidential number on their clothing. Donald Trump has also been seen on the golf course with a ball cap that has a “45” monogrammed on the side.

Donald Trump Is A Big Fan Of Monogramming

Town & Country says that Donald Trump has been a longtime fan of monogramming, or at least of putting his name on his clothing (not like a child going to camp).

“While the number is new for Trump, it’s clear he’s fond of monogramming. Last April when he stepped off Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base after returning from Mar-a-Lago last April, the back of his Italo Ferretti tie revealed a ‘Donald Trump’ label.”

They mention that Donald Trump also likes to put his name on things like buildings and airplanes, not to mention wineries and universities.

Many Menswear Experts Find The Trump Monogram Questionable

Business Insider says that men who put a monogram on the cuffs of their dress shirts almost always simply use their initials, but Trump simply uses 45 now that he is president (sources say he previously used his last name on his dress shirts). But whether a man includes his initials or a number on his cuff, there is a certain amount of controversy about the stylishness of monograms on menswear.

Menswear expert Troy Patterson explained that the purpose of monograms on dress shirts initially was to tell shirts apart in the laundry. One can say for certain that Donald Trump doesn’t have this concern in the White House.

“The people most likely to be impressed by… embroidery are by definition allergic to the ideas that elegance is restraint and discretion the better part of not looking goofy.”

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Others Say If Trump Is Going To Monogram His Shirts, He Picked The Wrong Spot

Other experts say that it’s not just whether or not to monogram your dress shirts, it’s a matter of where. Justin Jeffers, who runs the blog The Fine Young Gentleman, sniffed at where Trump added the 45 to his shirts.

“The place to not put your monogram is on the edge of the shirt cuff. I played around with this placement on a few shirts and could not get over the ever-presence of it, even when in a matching color to the shirt. Never again.”