WWE Rumors: Rob Gronkowski To WWE Could Happen If NFL Star Makes Call, Says Dave Meltzer


Mojo Rawley’s good friend Rob Gronkowski of the NFL could be on the way to WWE if he makes the call, says wrestling insider Dave Meltzer. Gronkowski has been mentioned in recent WWE rumors suggesting he will call it quits with the New England Patriots and pursue a professional wrestling career, just like his friend Mojo, who has also played football. It could take some work on Gronkowski’s part and the salary may not be what some people might expect for the pro athlete. Here are the latest details on what Meltzer said in an interview yesterday regarding Rob Gronkowski heading to WWE.

The WEEI Sports Radio Network reported on Wednesday that wrestling insider Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter spoke to them a bit more about his previous report regarding Gronkowski. He had previously noted that WWE was interested in bringing Rob Gronkowski on board in a similar deal to what former UFC star Ronda Rousey recently signed. In his newest comments, Meltzer indicated that it will probably be up to the New England Patriots tight end to make a call to the people at WWE in order to get signed to a contract.

He added that WWE is probably not going to try to outbid the NFL to pay for Gronkowski to work for them, but that they are probably interested if he’s done playing football. Basically, the WWE isn’t going to shell out $10 million a year for Gronkowski. Still, Meltzer indicated that “Gronk” is probably worth a few million in terms of a professional wrestling contract with the company. However, he added that it wouldn’t be a full-time deal where he’d work “200 dates” a year like other superstars do.

wwe star mojo rawley greets rob gronkowski
WWE star Mojo Rawley may have his friend Rob Gronkowski in the WWE, if 'Gronk' makes the call.Featured image credit: WWE

Meltzer further elaborated, saying the schedule Gronkowski might work would be similar to another part-timer WWE fans are quite familiar with.

“Now, can you do it on a Brock Lesnar schedule of 10 matches a year? Yeah, probably. Lesnar was a unique type of character. He made probably $5 million-plus a year in wrestling the last couple of years.

“I could imagine [Gronkowski] could get a part-time job in wrestling if he clicks and make a couple of million, maybe. It’s hard to say. So many of their contracts are incentive-based and things like that. I would say a couple of million probably.”

Fans got a close-up view of what Rob Gronkowski is capable of when he participated at last year’s WrestleMania 33. While Gronkowski was watching his friend Mojo Rawley from the front row during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Jinder Mahal decided to make things personal and go taunt “Gronk.”

The “Modern Day Maharaja” tossed a drink at Gronk as well, prompting the NFL tight end to get into the ring and do a running shoulder tackle to take down Jinder. Mojo ended up winning the battle royal, and Gronk celebrated the exciting WrestleMania moment in the ring with him.

Dave Meltzer doesn’t seem to think fans will see Rob Gronkowski show up again at this year’s edition of WrestleMania. That pay-per-view takes place in early April in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Super Bowl loss to the Eagles is probably still stinging a bit. While SmackDown star Mojo Rawley could get in the ring for a match, Rob Gronkowski will probably be watching WrestleMania 34 from a distance and deciding where his future lies.