Jill Duggar Fans Think They Spy A Baby Bump, Believe Instagram Hashtag Hints That She’s Pregnant

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Some fans are convinced that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are hiding subtle hints that Jill is pregnant in their recent social media posts. A handful of Duggar devotees think that they’ve spotted two such clues confirming their baby beliefs in Jill’s latest Instagram post. However, some skeptical fans don’t find the supposed evidence that she’s expecting all that credible.

On Wednesday, Jill Duggar took to Instagram to share a black-and-white snapshot of her youngest son Samuel snuggling up against her chest and staring at the camera with his big, expressive eyes. In the image, Jill is cradling the seven-month-old tot in one arm so that she can take a selfie with him. Some of the former Counting On star’s Instagram followers believe that she’s also balancing her baby boy on a pregnant belly.

The upper portion of Jill’s torso is visible in the snapshot, and even though she’s wearing a baggy T-shirt, a few Duggar fans swear that they can see the top of a baby bump near the bottom of the cute family photo.

“Looks like her shirt is poking with another baby,” wrote one of her followers.

“Is she pregnant? It looks like it,” another remarked.

So far, Jill has not responded to her followers’ repeated questions about whether she’s expecting again.

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A few of the Duggar daughters’ supporters reacted to the pregnancy comments with anger and disgust. They accused everyone who made such remarks of being inappropriate and rude for assuming that Jill is pregnant based on the size of her stomach. They also pointed out that she just gave birth a few months ago and warned that the mother of two might find the discussion about the shape of her body hurtful and insulting.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get the body to snap right back to its previous shape. Sometimes it never does. Sometimes we have an almost 8 yr old and still could look pregnant to a nosy person who makes rude comments,” wrote one of Jill’s supporters.

Some fans who contributed to the pregnancy debate steered clear of the baby bump controversy by commenting on Jill Duggar’s caption rather than her photo. They noted that she used the hashtag #babies plural to describe the selfie even though only one of her two children is pictured in it. The absence of two-year-old Israel made them wonder whether Jill chose her hashtag with another baby in mind, one that was there with her and Samuel but isn’t visible in the photo.

“She said my babies… she’s only holding one so she’s probably pregnant with one also,” wrote one fan.

“Babies as in the one in your belly as well?” another asked.

However, the pregnancy deniers still weren’t buying it. One skeptical fan argued that Jill Duggar likely had her oldest son in mind when she chose to use the #babies hashtag.

“If she said ‘baby’ you’d be complaining that she’s leaving her other child out. She loves her babies, but happened to take this pic with only one of them. Come on.”

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Jill Duggar’s latest Instagram photo isn’t the only social media “evidence” that fans who think she is pregnant can point to in order to bolster their claims. As reported by Radar Online, Derick Dillard’s Instagram followers recently noticed a box of prenatal vitamins in the background of one of his Instagram photos.

Duggar fans can only wait and see whether Jill and Derick confirm their suspicions. Unfortunately for their admirers, the couple is no longer appearing on Counting On, so this means that the parents definitely will not be announcing another pregnancy during the February 26 season premiere of the TLC series.