Raven Comments On His Chances Of Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Throughout his career as a professional wrestler, Scott Levy spent a number of years playing both a heel manager and an arrogant persona. After stints in Continental Wrestling Association and Pacific Northwest Wrestling, Levy would become a popular character in the Texas-based Global Wrestling Federation as Scott Anthony and be a competitor for the company before spending most of his time doing commentary.

Levy would then go to World Championship Wrestling as Scotty Flamingo, and compete in the Light Heavyweight division, before aligning with Vinnie Vegas and "Diamond" Dallas Page. These efforts led to a spot in the WWE as Johnny Polo, as he would lead the Quebecers to the WWE Tag Team Championship on three occasions, as well as sporadic appearances in the ring as a competitor.

After leaving WWE, Levy would experience a complete overhaul in his look, competing in ECW as Raven. He would transform from a preppy manager to a dark, twisted rebel. This character would give him a staple main event spot in ECW, and he would become one of the most notable names in the history of the company. As Raven, he would also experience success in WCW, winning the United States Championship and feuding with Goldberg.

Raven would return to WWE and spend a considerable amount of his under two-and-a-half year stint in the hardcore division. His biggest moment came at WrestleMania 17, as he was a part of the Hardcore Championship triple threat match, coming in as champion before losing it to Kane.

With these credentials being included in his 30-year career, among others, Raven went to social media to share his thoughts on his chances of being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

"The question of will I ever be inducted in the WWE HOF is asked repeatedly. Here [are] the odds of it happening. First, turn on the news and wait for the weather report. Then watch, and if the meteorologist says something about a snowfall in Hell, I'd say my chances [are] still awful."
Clearly, Raven does not believe that he will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, there have been plenty of others who felt the same way but are currently in the elite group.