Carrie Underwood Keeps Injured Face Hidden & Some Fans Are Getting Annoyed

Carrie Underwood has yet to post a selfie or step out in public since falling on the front stairs of her home and injuring her face and wrist back in November. The country music star needed to undergo surgery on her wrist and required upwards of 50 stitches to mend the wound on her face, which may have left her with a scar.

Since the accident, Underwood hasn't been comfortable sharing any photos of herself. She has been very cautious about stepping back into the public eye, despite the incredible support that she has received from her fans. The words of encouragement, however, have not been enough for Underwood to resume her social media presence. Now, some fans are getting fed up with Underwood -- and are posting about it on social media.

A few days ago, Underwood re-posted a video of a group of cheerleaders who were warming up to her hit single, "The Champion." The comments on the post were mostly positive, but some people couldn't resist letting Underwood know how they feel.

"Where is your face, Carrie?" wrote one Instagram user.

And the comments haven't stopped there.

"She's not the only person to have a scar on her face. Why make a big thing about it," wrote one Facebook user.

"Carrie has 'carried' this wayyyy too far... Get over it!!!" added another.

People seem to be getting annoyed with the fact that Underwood is keeping her face hidden from the world. While she may have some serious anxiety about how she looks after her accident (she wrote a blog post in which she said that fans might notice that she looks a little "different"), some feel that it has been far too long for someone who is always in the public eye to be in hiding.

Naturally, there are a lot of people who support Underwood, and her fans are hoping that she takes the time that she needs to heal both physically and emotionally. Suffering an injury that disfigures your face in any capacity can cause a lot of anxiety -- it's certainly not an easy thing to just get over.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Underwood will more than likely be attending the ACM Awards in April. She has been in attendance just about every year, so fans think that this will be the first time that she steps out in public.