Next Geneneration Nintendo DS Gets Confirmed With Tegra 2

New handheld gaming hardware continues to develop in leaps and bounds and now sources have confirmed that the NVIDIA Tegra 2 will be used on the Nintendo DS, an option that would make it more powerful than the Nintendo Wii gaming console.

The unit which is expected in 2010 will soon after receive some competition (2011) from the newest PSP which is expected to carry the OMAP5 based dual-core SGX543 processor in 2011. Although numerous driver issues have somehow cooled the idea of that processor being implemented in any type of hardware, in Theory the SGX543 can exceed Tegra 2 speeds clock-for-clock.

With the Tegra 2 processor there is also the possibility being floated around that the next Nintendo DS will feature integrated 3G support with no need for subscription, a move taken right from the Amazon Kindle front. [SlashGear]