Social Media Reacts To Chadwick Boseman’s New ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Over the weekend, Marvel rolled out their latest movie, Black Panther, which broke box office records and had fans clamoring for more of the film’s stars. With Chadwick Boseman leading the film as the titular character of Black Panther, it makes sense that a lot of the focus does fall on him. As part of the promotional tour for the movie, many of the film’s stars have been doing interviews with different media outlets, which led to Boseman making the cover of Rolling Stone. It is the cover for the Black Panther issue of Rolling Stone that has actually led to quite the reaction on social media.

As the Houston Chronicle reported, on February 18, Chadwick Boseman posted the cover of his Rolling Stone issue to his Twitter account, tagging both the magazine and his movie as his caption. The image in question features the actor in a flowing jacket that is opened to reveal his bare chest. It is Boseman’s bare chest that seems to have really gotten a reaction from people on social media, especially on Twitter.

With so much attention going towards Marvel’s Black Panther and the actors in the movie, it makes sense that many fans would be curious about the stars outside of their roles in the film. Now that Chadwick Boseman has shared his new Rolling Stone cover, fans are reacting to the picture with many sharing gifs and memes to express themselves.


In reaction to the magazine cover, some Twitter users posted gifs of women fainting, wearing wedding dresses, and even excessively drinking water. One Twitter user responded to Boseman by saying he needed to “quit playing & marry me,” with another user saying that they never even looked at his face until people mentioned his fierce facial expression. Another response to the tweet even asked, “how is everyone in this movie the hottest person on the planet.”

Overall, the reaction to Chadwick Boseman’s Rolling Stone cover on social media was not only humorous, but also filled with women offering the actor their hand in marriage. While the focus of many fans is on the Black Panther movie itself, it is clear that there are plenty of people just as excited by the actors themselves, in particular the star of the film, especially with magazine covers like this to appreciate.