Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson 2018: Actor Admits He Will Miss Chris Martin’s Ladylove, To Star In ‘Borderland’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Jamie Dornan cannot deny the fact that the Fifty Shades series has contributed a lot to his acting career. As a matter of fact, the on-screen partner of Dakota Johnson has become the face of various brands and was able to rake up millions of dollars since he appeared on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Now that the popular erotic drama franchise has finally concluded, the 35-year-old Irish actor could not help but be sad about it.

Though he got a lot of criticisms for portraying the role of Christian Grey in the movie series, Jamie Dornan teased that he did not regret anything. Mirror reported that the husband of Amelia Warner is well aware that his life has changed a lot since he played his billionaire sadomasochist character in Fifty Shades. The on-screen partner of Dakota Johnson has worked in several shows such as Once Upon A Time and The Fall but appearing on the erotic drama film series has helped him become an international star.

“It opens doors in the industry and I have to be honest here, if you are in a movie that makes over 600 million dollars worldwide at the box office, that helps your career and that means that you can get things like ‘The Siege of Jadotville’ and ‘Anthropoid’ made, based on your involvement.”

In the same interview, Jamie Dornan also highlighted that his intimate scenes with Dakota Johnson did not affect his marriage. The Fifty Shades Freed star was quick to debunk the claims saying that Amelia Warner suffered from depression because of his leading lady. Jamie also denied the reports stating that he and Dakota are cheating on his wife.

“The more public interest there is in you the more horrible people become. People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children.”

Though there is nothing romantic happening between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, the Fifty Shades Freed actor admitted to The New Paper that he would miss working with his on-screen partner. The father of two said that he created a family while filming the trilogy. Amelia Warner’s husband previously revealed that there would be no other Fifty Shades films after the series’ third installment.

“I will miss the cast, I will miss Dakota and yeah, I will miss that experience of going through something as monumental as this trilogy has been.”

Jamie Dornan feels sad about the fact that the Fifty Shades trilogy has already come to an end. Despite this, the actor already has a line-up of projects this year. In fact, the Daily Edge shared that the Dakota Johnson’s leading man would appear in the upcoming action thriller titled Borderland. The news outlet reported that the Irish actor would be joined by Sam Claflin.

Brian Kirk would direct the imminent film. The plotline would, reportedly, focus on the conflict between the British government and the IRA. The Fifty Shades Freed actor is set to begin filming in Summer 2018 in London and Dublin. The husband of Amelia Warner is also set to appear in the Robin Hood: Origins and A Private War movies. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson!