Nancy Pelosi Deemed ‘Toxic’ Enough To Use As GOP ‘Secret Weapon’ In New Ads Against Dems In Midterm Elections

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Nancy Pelosi is seen as the silver bullet when it comes to the midterm election, so the GOP is aiming her at the Democrats who are vying to fill a number of seats that are up for grabs in November. Tying Pelosi in with the individual Democrats running for those seats may be all Republicans need to do to sway voters away from that candidate.

This strategy was tried last year when the Republicans linked Pelosi with Democrat Jon Ossoff. Ossoff was depicted as a man who would get into Congress and follow the commands of Nancy Pelosi. Ossoff eventually lost that highly contested special election, reports to Fox News.

GOP strategists believed that painting Ossoff as someone who would be a puppet for Pelosi worked in his election loss. This time around the Republicans are set to use the unpopularity of Pelosi as a weapon launching attacks on Democrats, who are vulnerable in the midterms. The Washington Times calls Pelosi the “GOP’s secret weapon in the midterms.”

The thought of Pelosi being “toxic” to the Democratic Party is nothing new. Back in June, a House Democrat agreed that Pelosi is more toxic than Trump in some parts of the country, according to the Washington Examiner. When Ryan was asked if Pelosi was more toxic than Trump, he answered: “You know what, the honest answer is, in some areas of the country, yes she is,” he said. “That’s the honest answer.” He also told CNN that the Democrats brand is “bad.”

As far back as 2014, Democrats saw Pelosi’s endorsement as “the kiss of death.” It was four years ago when Save Jersey reported how an endorsement from Pelosi was not something the Democrat candidates in New Jersey were looking for. According to Save Jersey, “she’s that toxic in Toms River, Mt. Laurel, Egg Harbor Township, and every other South Jersey point in between.” Her endorsement of a candidate back in 2014 was seen as the “kiss of death” and an unexpected donation to the Republican Party.


“Aimee Belgard just received the kiss of death with this latest endorsement from Nancy Pelosi,” claimed NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior. This happened back in 2014 when Pelosi sang Belgard praises during her campaign for Congress. Prior also said: “New Jersey families now have confirmation that if Belgard is sent to Congress she will be a reliable vote for Pelosi and her liberal agenda.” This is the same outcome that the Republicans are hoping for and are banking on today by tying Pelosi in with Democratic candidates in the midterm election.


Two political attack ads which include Pelosi have already been launched, according to the Wall Street Journal. Calling Pelosi the “midterm election mascot,” the Journal reports the Senate Leadership Fund, which is a PAC linked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is behind one of the ads.

The ad slams West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin by showing images of him with Pelosi. Manchin is in the Republicans’ scopes in the months leading up to the midterm elections.

Pelosi is seen in another ad that was released on Wednesday by the House Republicans campaign. In this ad that says “thanks” to Pelosi for that House floor eight-hour speech where she advocated for the “so-called Dreamers – immigrants who were illegally brought to the country by their parents,” writes Fox News.

While the Republicans use Pelosi, the Democrats may use the “polarizing presidency of Donald Trump,” suggests Fox. Trump’s 2016 win has “energized the Democratic base” and there is a chance this could bring the Democrats “out in droves” to the midterm elections in hopes of turning the ship around heading for Democratic waters once again.

Will Nancy Pelosi prove to be that silver bullet for the Democrats? Will tying her in with Dems sway the midterm election? Guy Cecil, who is the chairman of Priorities USA, which is the liberal PAC that backed Hillary Clinton’s campaign, isn’t quite sure. “I just don’t think it’s the silver bullet they say it will be,” said Cecil, but he did say that it may be effective for districts that traditionally vote GOP.

The Republicans see it another way, and they apparently have enough data to bank on Pelosi being toxic to individual Democrats vying for a midterm election seat.