‘Southern Charm’ News: Season 5 Premiere Date, New Full Time Cast Member, And More

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It’s about six weeks until the premiere of Southern Charm Season 5, and though most of the cast lips are sealed, a bit of information has slipped out, like the debut date, and who has moved into the full-time slot to replace Landon as a Southern Charm cast member. Patricia Altschul posted on Twitter that Southern Charm will be back in April.

“We’ll be back the first week in April.”

Southern Charm Season 5 Will Debut On April 2nd

Southern Charm is on the Bravo schedule for Mondays, which puts the first episode of Southern Charm Season 5 on Monday, April 2nd.

Social media has been low key for most members of the Southern Charm cast, but Thomas Ravenel and his current girlfriend have started a row with Patricia Altschul (Whitney’s mom) that seems to be one-sided. Thomas also seems to have a beef with Bravo and Andy Cohen. Several Twitter rants have gone on about Ravenel’s discontent with Bravo, which he believes is against him for being a Donald Trump supporter.

“Can’t wait till the intolerant MSM, namely NBC Universal (parent company to Bravo), fires me for being a Trump supporter. @Andy.”

Fans of Southern Charm have asked him to quit if he is so unhappy, but according to reports, he claims he is waiting to get fired.

“Eventually it will happen but I so want them to fire me rather than me quit as my family is begging me to do.”

Southern Charm Naomie Olindo Debuts Her New Nose On Instagram

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo will be back on Southern Charm Season 5, but they are not together. Naomie Olindo shared some personal news on Instagram about a little something she had done in the offseason. Olindo shared a selfie which shared the plastic surgery she had on her face. Fans asked what was new about her face.

“Don’t know if it’s the angle or lighting or what, but I didn’t recognize you at first, you look so different.”

To which Naomie answered plainly “new nose (actually, she used a nose emoji).”

Fans lavished Naomie with praise and thanked her for being so frank.

@naomie_olindo thanks for your response and I appreciate your honesty. I thought you were beautiful with your old????, but if that’s what you wanted then that’s great too.”

Olindo said that in the photo she is still only thirteen days post-op, and wishes she had done it sooner. She explains that she is just fine with her decision, and there is no reason to hide what she has done. She also assures fans that she loved herself before and after, she just wasn’t a big fan of her old nose.

“I love myself just didn’t love having a potato for a nose!”


Chelsea Meissner Is Joining The Full-time Cast Of Southern Charm

But perhaps the most significant bit of news for fans of Southern Charm will be the new addition to the full-time cast. E! News says that with the exit of Landon Clements, Chelsea Meissner will not be taking her place in the core cast. Chelsea released a statement to say that she is very excited to continue working on Southern Charm.

“I’m so excited to be joining the cast of Southern Charm this season. It’s going to be an awesome season, I hope everyone tunes in! It’s wild. It’s gonna be nuts!”

Southern Charm fans are excited to have some new blood on the show, and Chelsea seems to be a popular choice.