What We Know About ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Coming Soon

Each new season of Southern Charm is like Groundhog Day with a critter poking its head out of a hole, and we have to wait and see if there is a shadow. And while it’s not an actual woodland creature in Western Pennsylvania, it’s social media posts and buzz from Charleston letting us know that another season of Southern Charm is coming. The shooting of Southern Charm season 5 has wrapped, and all that’s left to do is voice-over or talking head shots.

But while there is no official date yet for the premiere of Southern Charm season 5, the grande dame has proclaimed the news from on high (not really, it was just on Twitter).

Even Patricia Says She Doesn’t Know The Exact Date For Southern Charm Season 5

Patricia Altschul, the mother of Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, was asked when fans will get to see Southern Charm season 5.

“None of us knows the date [for Southern Charm] but I’m guessing sometime in April.”

This makes sense because the last two years debuted right about the first of April.

But since fans last saw the cast of Southern Charm on the couch with Andy Cohen at the Southern Charm reunion, a lot has gone down, and they are just getting started. First, in happy news, there is a new Charmer, Palmer, the new addition to the family of Cameran Eubanks and her husband, Jason Wimberly, who was born in November.

But an on-going issue has been brewing between Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel, Andy Cohen, the rest of the cast, and “liberals” on social media. First, Ravenel said he could buy Andy Cohen with a credit card and then insisted cast members were talking behind his back.

“It’s pretty pathetic when my castmates follow and support a blogger who spreads lie about me and is dedicated to my ruination. Very disappointing. If I never talk to these a***oles again I’ll be perfectly fine. None are even from Charleston.”

On Southern Charm Season 5, Thomas Ravenel Is Still Battling Bravo (And Maybe Andy?)

But Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel continued his love-hate relationship with the media, and particularly the “mainstream media” because he perceives he is being persecuted for being an ardent Trump supporter. The Good Tea Time claims that just last week, Ravenel went on a Twitter rant in an attempt to dare Bravo/NBC to fire him.

“Can’t wait till the intolerant MSM, namely NBC Universal (parent company to Bravo), fires me for being a Trump supporter. @Andy.”

Ravenel’s tweets to Bravo and Southern Charm fans were later deleted as has become his pattern, but Good Tea Time suggested it was tweeting under the influence.

“He must have been drinking and tweeting because he was replying to anyone that would listen!”

Fans told him to quit Southern Charm if he is so unhappy, and he says he is just doing the show to help pay his taxes.

“Eventually it will happen but I so want them to fire me rather than me quit as my family is begging me to do.”

Southern Charm Season 5 Will See Thomas With A New Plus One

Southern Charm cast member Thomas Ravenel hasn’t defined what he means by family when he says that his family wants him to quit, but since shooting wrapped for Southern Charm season 4, Ravenel has gained an on again, off again plus one who followed him back from polo last year, according to Betches. Ravenel and girlfriend Ashley started dating last spring, but they had famous breaks (like after the Southern Charm reunion when Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis once again hooked up).

But as Betches mentions, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are no longer a couple, rehab is in the rearview mirror, and the custody deal is inked, so what can bring the drama like penciling in a significant other for Ravenel? In an article called “Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel Has A New Girlfriend Who’s Crazier Than Kathryn Dennis,” Ravenel’s new girlfriend is described as a former nurse from California who is now living in a Mt. Pleasant apartment and whose job it is to be his plus one on Southern Charm.

Ravenel’s girlfriend, Ashley, is not a cast member in the current season but will appear at events, and if you are familiar with Ravenel’s Twitter use, you can’t help but notice her running defense and commenting on or retweeting everything he posts. Betches did some research into Ashley and suggested that based on social media, the new plus one is a bit hung up on Kathryn Dennis, which should make for an interesting Southern Charm season 5.

“Yeesh. Check out the all-caps. Check out the passive-aggressive use of emojis. I thought I wouldn’t say this post-2012, but this b**ch cray.”

The Only Southern Charm Season Five Cast Change Involves Landon’s Exit

So based on social media and FitsNews, here’s what fans can expect from Southern Charm season 5. Landon is gone, but she is the only Southern Charm season 4 cast member who is no longer part of the cast in any way. Like last season, Whitney will only be around when there is a pot to stir or a major event. Despite working on RelationShep, Shep Rose is back, along with Craig and Austen. Naomie, Chelsea, and Danni are part of the cast too. Cameran Eubanks is also part of the Southern Charm season 5 cast, and fans will get a peek at baby Palmer.

FitsNews Will Folks mentioned that some sources suggested that Kathryn Dennis was “seeing red” as Ravenel’s plus one was being included in the new season of Southern Charm, but Kathryn says that’s not true.

“I am seeing clearly now, not red.”

And part of seeing clearly for Kathryn Dennis has been adjusting her focus. In addition to being part of Southern Charm season 5, she has a job with a local Charleston department store which allows her to indulge her love of fashion. On Instagram, she took a minute to thank those who have been ready with kind words when she was feeling low.

“Reading all of y’all’s comments have made me smile like the biggest turd ever.. even as I write this. Y’all are all so sweet. As a woman, it feels so ridiculously awesome to have so many women being complimentary and kind to me. Love all you ladies!!! All of y’all are so freaking sweet!”

Expect Southern Charm season 5 to debut around the first or second Monday in April.

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