Did ‘Southern Charm’s’ Thomas Ravenel Pick A Fight With Bravo’s Andy Cohen On Twitter?

Amy Feinstein - Author

Aug. 17 2017, Updated 7:18 p.m. ET

The star of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel, has made no secret of his support for President Donald Trump, but over the last day or so on Twitter, he has started complaining about “fake news” and being attacked for his “freedom of speech.” On the heels of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, Ravenel seems fired up, defending Trump and himself against perceived sleights. Then, once again, Ravenel said he didn’t care about Southern Charm or his position on the show, and furthermore, he “could buy Andy Cohen [Exec at Bravo] with a credit card.”

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Just last month, there was a similar meltdown, with Thomas Ravenel lashing out at the cast of Southern Charm, calling them Yankees. He said he was never going to work with any of the people in the cast ever again, and that he was done. He said that the entire cast was committed to his “ruination.” He also claimed that Bravo wanted to label him as an abortionist. Ravenel claimed that he had to threaten Bravo with legal action to keep them from painting him unfavorably.

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“It’s pretty pathetic when my castmates follow and support a blogger who spreads lie about me and is dedicated to my ruination. Very disappointing. If I never talk to these a***oles again I’ll be perfectly fine. None are even from Charleston.”

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Things got rolling for the star of Southern Charm,Thomas Ravenel, when he complained that the “mainstream media” with their fake news were going after Donald Trump after his press conference where he angered many people in his own party by putting blame on those protesting the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.

“Sooo ridiculous how #fakenews is going after Trump. Their whole oligarchy is threatened with extinction!”

But somehow that caused him to turn on Andy Cohen, who has been vocal about his disgust with Trump and has posted many things on Twitter to express his disdain. Ravenel then said he could buy Andy Cohen, which caused several of Ravenel’s Twitter followers to mention that made him sound like a slave master.

“You obviously know nothing about me. I could give two sh*ts about a tv show and I could buy @Andy with a credit card, so…”

This caught the attention of Bravo’s Andy Cohen who responded to Ravenel.

“How much would I cost, T-Rav!????”

Thomas responded saying “Ha, plenty but I’m sure I could swing it!”

But according to some Bravo fans who are also super sleuths, Thomas Ravenel is misinformed.

But the feuding was not over, because Southern Charm’s Shep Rose stepped into the fray wondering why Ravenel continued to defend Donald Trump.

“You actually think he’s a good and competent leader?? Really?”

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Thomas Ravenel then posted again, obviously upset at how many Southern Charm fans pushed back.

“I am being viciously attacked for exercising my right of free expression. The real disturbers of the peace are those who are intolerant.”

Ravenel went on to ask his Twitter followers what about Donald Trump’s press conferences or behavior was racist? Most of those who responded to him were sharing their views, but some were questioning where he stood. But that didn’t sit well, as he then called many of those on Twitter “a**holes.”

“Damn, there are a lot of a**holes on Twitter!”


Thomas Ravenel’s last post was about legalizing drugs. He claimed if illegal drugs were legal, that 80 percent of those who die from drug overdoses would have lived. This was met with a lot of followers saying “bless your heart,” while others tried to figure out where he could have found that stat.

“Where in dear sweet heavens name did you come up with that absurd statistic?”

Are you surprised by Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel continuing to support Trump? What did you make of Ravenel saying he could buy Andy Cohen?

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