MLB: Padres Want Eric Hosmer, To Move Wil Myers To Outfield

Brian DavidsonGetty Images

Eric Hosmer is one of the top MLB free agents that remain unsigned as spring training is fast approaching. The San Diego Padres have reportedly resumed negotiations to sign Hosmer at first base.

Padres Are Optimistic About Sealing A Deal With Hosmer

The Padres are positive they have a big chance of winning Hosmer, per The Kansas City Star. The Kansas City Royals is the other team vying for the 28-year-old first baseman. The Royals offered him a $147 million seven-year contract in January, USA Today reported, citing an anonymous source. The Padres also made an offer that time at $140 million.

Now reports suggest that the Padres want Hosmer more than ever. Kevin Acee wrote in the San Diego Union-Tribune that the team “has fallen in love with Hosmer — his ability to get on base and his character.” Bob Nightengale predicts Eric could still get around $150 million for a seven-year deal, even eight.

There is no confirmation yet on how much the Padres have put on the table for Hosmer this time, but Padres executive chairman and co-owner Ron Fowler previously said he thinks their proposal was “pretty creative.”

With Hosmer on the team, along with other highly touted prospects, the Padres aim to be one of the annual championship contenders in the MLB. They believe Hosmer will be able to blend well with the team. In addition to what he can do in the field, Hosmer has received positive feedback regarding his work ethic and leadership.


Wil Myers Will Be Moved To The Outfield To Make Room For Hosmer

If San Diego can bring Eric Hosmer to their roster, he will be the first baseman, but that post is currently occupied by another All-Star player, Wil Myers. According to Padres manager Andy Green, per, Myers will remain as the first baseman for now, but he will potentially be moved to the outfield.

“He’s going to come into camp as a first baseman, right now,” said Green. “But we’ll tell him to bring his outfield glove along with him.”

The Padres have already asked Myers about the plan, and he said he will be more than happy to do so.

Hosmer is reportedly aiming to seal a nine-year deal similar to what Prince Fielder got in 2012. An eight-year, $184 million deal that outfielder Jayson Heyward received two years ago would also be great.

The free agency this offseason has been slow due to a luxury tax threshold and a big free agent class coming in 2019.