Nikolas Cruz Wore MAGA Hat In Instagram Photo: ‘Snopes’ Confirms ‘NikolasCruzMakarov’ Account Was Shooter’s

Susan Stocker - PoolGetty Images

The Instagram footprint of Nikolas Cruz is still being uncovered, one day after Nikolas opened fired on his former classmates at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Nikolas was wearing a red “MAGA” hat in one of the Instagram profile photos in a defunct Instagram account, and such an observation caused a flurry of speculation over whether or not the Instagram account really belonged to Cruz. Nikolas was indeed pictured wearing a red “MAGA” or “Make America Great Again” pro-President Donald Trump hat on his now-deleted Instagram account, Snopes reports.

Taking a methodical approach to research date stamps on the Instagram photos and comparing them to the testimonies of Cruz’s former classmates, Snopes confirmed that more than one Instagram account belonged to Nikolas, with Cruz’s avatar showing him in a red “MAGA” hat with a scarf wrapped around his face.

Whereas the publication shot down rumors about Nikolas being a DACA dreamer and a registered Democrat, it gave the coveted “true” stamp to the notion that Nikolas wore a hat bearing President Trump’s famous “MAGA” slogan. As reported by TMZ in the below video, Cruz also was spotted wearing a “MAGA” hat during target practice.