Daniele Donato And Dominic Briones Of ‘Big Brother’ Expecting First Child

Kevin Winter Getty Images

Daniele Donato is famous for her time on Big Brother and is now expecting her first child with Big Brother alumnus Dominic Briones. These two didn’t have a showmance but instead got together outside of the house. TV Guide shared the details about their pregnancy. The couple is really excited about this news.

Everyone remembers Daniele Donato from being brought into the house along with her estranged father Evel Dick. These two have been through their ups and downs over the years. It will be interesting to see if they are getting along or not when her baby is born. This might end up being a reason for these two to fix any issues that they have been going through.

Their baby is due this summer, so Daniele is already several months along. She is due in August. They actually met while filming Big Brother 13 back in 2011. They didn’t start dating right away but were great friends for a while. They actually got married back in 2013, so the couple has been married a while before deciding to have a child of their own.

The funny thing about this relationship is that Daniele admits that she didn’t like him at first, but he grew on her. She actually thought that Dominic was a bit of a troublemaker. Somehow, he was able to win her over obviously. Daniele does admit that it was not love at first sight with him.

Today Daniele shared on her Instagram about the baby and was commenting back and forth with fans. She shared on Twitter that she had been doing it so much that she ended up getting in trouble with Instagram and had her account blocked/suspended. They must have thought she had been hacked from doing so many posts. The fans really do hope that she will keep chatting with them and sharing all about her baby news.


The fans couldn’t be more excited about Daniele and Dominic’s news. Hopefully, the couple will continue to share updates about their pregnancy. Don’t miss watching Celebrity Big Brother when it airs on CBS. Right now, the season is going well seeing that it is the first time that the USA has done this version of the show.