Magic Johnson Gives Up On Lakers, Says Season Is Over

NBA legend and former part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson has conceded his former team’s season.

Johnson, now part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and ESPN Basketball analyst, let his opinion known during halftime of the Lakers Thunder game recently:

“It’s over for my Lakers. No playoffs, no nothing.”

Anger has been brewing in Johnson for a while. He unleashed a tirade aimed at the Lakers during the Dodger’s press conference after signing ace pitcher Zach Greinke.

When the Lakers fired Mike Brown earlier this season, Johnson pushed for the team to hire Phil Jackson to take back control for the franchise.

It appears, since selling his stake in the Lakers, Magic Johnson has also been freed to openly talk about where he thinks the team is heading and how the Lakers can recover. On January 7, he unleashed a string of tweets aimed at seemingly everyone on the team including coach Mike D’Antoni.

One of his tweets towards the players read:

“All 12 @Lakers players need to understand what it means to be a member of the @Lakers.”


“As @Lakers fans we demand and expect more once you put that@Lakers Purple & Gold uniform on!”

And regarding D’Antoni:

“Coach D’Antoni has to start teaching better pick & roll defense and better defensive rotations…He also has to make He also has to make sure that every @Lakers players role is defined.”

Magic Johnson knows a lot about the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty; he was a member of what was labeled “showtime” during his playing years. The day after Christmas, the Los Angeles Times quoted Johnson as saying:

“I thought I would never, ever see Showtime again. And I was the architect of Showtime. The Clippers? That’s Showtime.”

The Lakers currently have a record of 15-21, and their playoff chances look dismal. Magic Johnson has made it clear the Lakers have a lot of repairs that need to be made and he has given up on the season.

What about you: Have you given up on the Lakers chances of making the playoffs this season?