Ivanka Trump Wears Bulky Bathrobe-Style Outfit To Work In Washington, D.C.

Ivanka Trump’s clothes on Tuesday were a radical departure from the styles she’s known for wearing when she was spotted in a bathrobe-style outfit for work. She was photographed in the early morning leaving her house in a bulky bathrobe-themed coat with pink pants. It looked more like she headed to work in bed clothes than in one of the many sleek suits or dresses she’s known to throw on for a day at the office in Washington, D.C.

The Daily Mail reports that Ivanka opted for a cozier look instead of her coat-free, bare-legged looks in cold Washington. The coat, as seen in the site’s tweet below, shows that Trump wore a dark blue coat with floral print in lighter colors. It was cinched in the middle with what resembled an actual bathrobe belt.

The website reveals that Ivanka Trump wore a Rebecca Taylor Floral Jacquard Belted Coat that retails for $895. It can be purchased on sale for $537 at Orchard Mile, according to the site.

The 36-year-old daughter and special assistant to President Donald Trump also had on a white sweater underneath the coat. She added a pair of pink pleated pants and accessorized it with small pearl earrings. She wore matching high heels with the unique style.

Cameras are ready to capture Ivanka’s wardrobe on a daily basis as photographers camp outside her Washington home. Besides First Lady Melania Trump captivating the masses with her fashion, Ivanka is also popular for her revolving door of wardrobe choices. She typically favors form-fitting designs that show off her long legs and statuesque frame. The bathrobe-style outfit is a new look for the first daughter, and probably a comfortable one in a place where the temperatures can be so frigid. Braving the freezing elements without a coat have is a sacrifice Ivanka has made in the name of fashion many times.

Ivanka made her way to Pittsburgh on Tuesday where she was part of a round-table discussion in Mt. Lebanon on small businesses. NBC Pittsburgh reports that Trump said her father’s administration wants to create a “level playing field” for small business owners to compete through deregulation and tax reform.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ivanka Trump will make pajama-like styles a trend after wearing the bathrobe coat.