Meghan Markle Thought It Was Hilarious When A Stylish Pony Tried To Bite Prince Harry

Did Meghan Markle find her spirit animal during her recent visit to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland? The former actress seemed to enjoy her meeting with Cruachan the Shetland Pony, a beloved little horse known for his habit of breaking etiquette rules whenever he’s around royals. Markle especially loved it when the mischievous animal mascot decided to try to take a bite out of her future husband.

As reported by the Telegraph, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were greeted by Cruachan the Shetland Pony when they arrived at Edinburgh Castle on Tuesday. The famous horse is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and he made a good initial impression on the royal couple by looking stylish in his smart tartan onesie adorned with medals. However, while Cruachan always looks handsome, the little horse isn’t always on his best behavior when he’s trotted out for public events.

The naughty pony once tried to nibble on a bouquet of flowers that the Queen was holding, but at least he didn’t get near Her Majesty’s fingers. Unfortunately for Prince Harry, there were no tasty petals to block his digits from Cruachan’s teeth, and Meghan Markle couldn’t contain her laughter when the audacious equine tried to bite his fingers.

Meghan Markle Laughs As Prince Harry's Finger Almost Gets Bitten

Prince Harry tried to pet the horse, and he was heard shouting “Hey!” when Cruachan responded to his public display of affection by nipping at his hand. The royal was looking away because he was speaking to the pony’s handler, so Cruachan decided to launch a sneak attack on his digits. Meghan Markle gleefully giggled at the interaction. Luckily, she managed to avoid the equine’s ire.

Even though Cruachan got dangerously close to maiming Prince Harry, the royal and his future bride said that they were delighted to meet the little guy.

“They were asking about him saying he’s a wee star, he knows he’s on parade and is showing off – they said it was lovely to meet him,” said Pony Major Mark Wilkinson, the man who was responsible for introducing Cruachan to the couple.

As noted by Bustle, Meghan Markle and Cruachan wore coordinated tartan outfits for their cute encounter. Markle rocked a Burberry coat with a blue and green plaid pattern that matched that of the pony’s blanket and his handler’s kilt. According to AOL, Markle broke an unspoken royal fashion rule by carrying a Strathberry crossbody bag instead of a clutch, so she seems to share Cruachan’s rebellious spirit.

As reported by Us Weekly, Markle’s choice of purse allowed her to shake hands with the crowd that gathered to greet her and Prince Harry. It also made it possible for her to accept a few special Valentine’s Day gifts from her admirers, including red roses and a heart-shaped valentine.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Meet A Beloved Pony Mascot In Edinburgh

Prince Harry got more love from the crowd than he did from Cruachan. The Kensington Palace Twitter page shared a photo of the royal smiling and holding a stuffed animal that someone in the crowd had given to him. Luckily, Harry’s naughty pony nemesis was no longer around to snatch it away.