Chelsea DeBoer’s Father Gets Involved In Jenelle Evans’ Blue Apron Retaliation

Chelsea DeBoer has stayed out of the drama for a couple of months despite being served with a cease-and-desist order from Teen Mom 2 co-star Jenelle Evans. When Chelsea received the letter, she was surprised and went on Twitter to express her feelings about the situation. DeBoer revealed that she had never talked badly about Jenelle to the point where she would need legal warnings. Chelsea’s father was also furious, especially after Jenelle posted an article featuring Chelsea’s daughter just days later. However, it sounds like Randy Houska has followed Evans on social media since the legal threat, as he has a few things to say these days.

Over the past couple of hours, Jenelle has cut ties with the food-delivery business Blue Apron. She would share videos from the company, encouraging fans to subscribe to the product. However, Kailyn Lowry was promoting the same service and Jenelle revealed she wanted to separate herself from the company because she didn’t want to be associated with it. While Evans claimed she quit working with the business, Blue Apron has revealed that they were the ones who cut ties with the Teen Mom 2 star after fans brought up the abuse allegations against her and David Eason. After ending the professional relationship, Evans started retweeting messages from users who were severely disappointed with the company’s service. One fan pointed out that Blue Apron should serve Jenelle with a cease-and-desist order, as she was clearly trying to steer people away from the company. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer’s father is now revealing that the company was great when Chelsea was involved.

I am going start dressing like @coledeboer

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“Chelsea advertised for them a couple of years ago, they were very good to work with,” Randy Houska revealed on social media, revealing that he supported the company.

Perhaps he’s trying to say that people shouldn’t believe everything that Jenelle is saying. Earlier this week, Evans shared a screenshot of her telling a friend that she was ditching the company because of their affiliation with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry. However, the company appears to be telling a different story. Even though Jenelle keeps retweeting people’s bad experiences with the company, Randy wants people to know that he has had nothing but great experiences with the business.

Chelsea DeBoer hasn’t said anything about the situation, as she hasn’t been directly involved with it.