Courtland Rogers Reacts Then Deletes Tweets After Farrah Abraham Calls Him A Criminal

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Courtland Rogers was watching last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG when Farrah Abraham called her mother, questioning her as to why she had invited him to the wedding. Farrah revealed she had learned of the news from Jenelle Evans, who had reached out to Farrah to let her know about the wedding invitation. In Jenelle’s text message, she had called Courtland a criminal and told her mother on the phone call that he wasn’t safe to have at the wedding. She pointed out that her mother was crazy for inviting him, as there would be children at the wedding. When Rogers saw the episode, he felt the need to address these accusations.

On his Twitter account, Courtland Rogers slammed Farrah Abraham for calling him a criminal and a possible danger to children. However, he later deleted the tweets, possibly because fans encouraged him to stop defending himself. It’s clear that the majority of his followers believe that he’s much better than Farrah. Rogers, who was briefly featured on Jenelle Evans’ special, The Ex-Files, is currently clean and working. He’s also about to become a father. It sounds like he has turned his life around and wants to put his criminal past behind him. This morning, he decided to share new tweets about the situation.

Just chillen.

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Several fans reached out to him, telling him that he shouldn’t worry about what Farrah is saying. She’s making her comments about him being a dangerous criminal based on what Jenelle is saying. When Courtland filmed the catch-up special with MTV, fans were surprised to see how far he had come. He talked about how they used to do heroin together, but now that he is clean and sober, he is looking forward to a life with his wife. Based on Farrah’s recent behavior, it sounds like Courtland is getting more respect from fans than Abraham. Farrah’s mother hasn’t revealed why Courtland was invited to the wedding and why she chose to keep an invitation from Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason.

Courtland Rogers didn’t say whether he was attending the wedding, but it sounds like he doesn’t have much respect when it comes to Farrah Abraham.