Kareem Hunt Case: Friend Claims Racial Slurs, 19-Year-Old Abigail Ottinger Says She Rejected Man In His Group

Kansas City Chiefs NFL player Kareem Hunt is at the center of a controversial incident that allegedly happened in Cleveland over the past weekend. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger of Middleburg Heights has filed a report with police, accusing Hunt of pushing and shoving her at approximately 3:45 a.m. on Saturday.

The incident took place at the Metropolitan at the 9, a luxury Cleveland hotel. The “upscale boutique apartment building, located on Euclid Avenue” boasts beautifully designed rooms and was nice enough for the Kardashian family to visit when in town. However, Metropolitan at the 9 is now gaining attention for being the location where Hunt allegedly kicked Ottinger and her friend out of his apartment, supposedly because he discovered the women were 19 years of age.

Abigail, however, claims that Hunt kicked the women out because Abigail didn’t desire one of the guys in the group. Therefore, police reports list both Hunt and Ottinger as suspects in cross-complaints against one another. The evening in question featured a night of partying on a party bus. The Kent State University students returned to Hunt’s apartment but the women were eventually kicked out for conflicting reasons.

A friend of Hunt claims he and Kareem were called racial slurs upon being kicked out, and even alleged that he gave the women $20 to get a ride to return to Kent State. However, Abigail alleged a different reason for being kicked out. Either way, as the women were in the hallway attempting to garner a ride back to school, the melee happened.

Abigail’s friend allegedly tried to get Ottinger to leave but reported that Abigail “really wanted to stay,” becoming “very dramatic” and “very upbeat” upon getting kicked out. The convoluted tale goes on to describe a scene of a female from Hunt’s group getting hit in the face by Abigail, she alleged, when trying to get the two 19-year-olds to leave the hallway after 30 minutes.

Ottinger, on the other hand, claims Kareem came out of his apartment and pushed her, which caused abrasions and scratches when she allegedly fell. The police report claims “all the boys” started “chasing” Abigail. Attempts to record the incident involved one of the women’s phones getting taken.

The Chiefs have not commented on the matter as of this time, reports KMBC Kansas City.