‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Epic Blindside Planned For Monday’s Live Eviction

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds promise that there’s an epic blindside brewing in the CBB US house, but it’s all about the Power of Veto competition. Due to the condensed schedule, feeds were cut off starting two hours before the Live Eviction episode, so we won’t even know who was picked to play in the PoV competition, much less who wins it. It’s a rare treat that fans know so little going into eviction with lots of game to play between now and the 9 p.m. Eastern reveal of the next celeb houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. But here’s what is known so far.

Ross Waffling On PoV And Blindside

Although it was initially Ross’ idea to make a power move and backdoor Shannon Elizabeth, he’s also scared that if he swings and misses, it’ll come back and bite him. As a super fan, Shannon would appreciate a blindside, but not one aimed at her, and so far, she doesn’t seem to see it coming. Over the last 24 hours, Jokers Updates show that Ross is worried if he gets houseguest choice at the PoV player pick, and doesn’t choose Shannon, that she might figure out she’s a target.

Ross has been back and forth talking himself into and out of backdooring Shannon if the opportunity presents itself. If she doesn’t play PoV or plays and doesn’t win, and Shannon does go on the block, it definitely looks like the alliance has the votes to take her out. Metta would vote to evict Shannon and keep either Omarosa or Keshia, assuming he now understands how voting works. Brandi, Ariadna, Mark, and Marissa are all ready to vote to evict Shannon, and that’s enough votes to oust her.

CBB US Omarosa Manigault and Metta World Peace

Assuming No Change To Noms, Who Goes?

Big Brother spoilers from Big Brother Network suggested initially that Omarosa was the likelier of the nominees to be evicted, but the talk today has seen a reversal of strategy and now it seems Keshia would be evicted and Omarosa would stay safe. The consensus in the house is that Omarosa is less of a threat to win at the end, and this is probably true given celebrity houseguest opinion of her. Plus with any physical challenges, asthmatic Omarosa seems less of a threat. But since Omarosa went from the hospital to the chopping block, she’s holding a grudge.

If the next Head of Household competition is mental or one of sheer luck, the houseguests are collectively worried that Omarosa would win, and Ross is scared she’d come right at him, but it seems more likely she’d target Shannon for breaking up the all-girls alliance. When the episode kicks off at 8 p.m., we’ll get to see the draw for PoV players, the comp, and then the live eviction all play out with little time for side talks or strategy sessions, so this should be action-packed, and anything could happen.

Of course, what many Big Brother: Celebrity Edition fans might enjoy almost as much as seeing Shannon get backdoored is Metta asking cluelessly on the live feeds, “What’s a back door?” But just because Metta doesn’t know the game doesn’t mean he couldn’t win it, since his social game is strong and he’s got no blood on his hand and lots of pals in the house. Catch up on Brandi’s drunken antics and tune into CBS at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight for the second live eviction on CBB US and check back here often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.