Kate Middleton Allegedly Wants Home Birth For Her Twins, According To ‘Life & Style’

Kate Middleton allegedly wants to have a home birth with her twins. Life & Style shared the details about what a source says is her big plan. When she had Prince George and Princess Charlotte, they were both at a hospital. It is a lot harder to keep this kind of birth a secret than one at home. It sounds like she feels this is the best choice for them this time around, but the source didn’t reveal why she wants to do it that way.

A source says that Kate has now decided she wants to be comfortable and at home at Kensington Palace when she has her babies. William approved of it, according to the source, but of course, he is a bit worried about everyone being okay. They can always rush her to the hospital if there ends up being any complications. They may even decide to have medical staff on site just to make sure there are not any issues. Sometimes with a home birth, there is just a midwife there with you. The insider said Middleton teased that William can bring her meals in bed this way.

The source also shared that they are building a new nursery for their daughters. It has been rumored that Kate and William will be having twin girls this time around. She is due in just a few weeks, and fans can’t wait to hear all of the details straight from the family, but for now, they are going to have to wait. There have been rumors in the past that Kate Middleton was having twins, but that didn’t end up being the case after all. It would be great if Wiliam and Kate ended up having two little girls at once. This is her third pregnancy.

For now, everyone will have to wait and see what Kate Middleton ends up doing when she has her babies, but it does look like she might be opting for a home birth instead of a traditional hospital one this time. It shouldn’t be long before the news comes out that Kate has given birth.