Duggar Family Enrages 'Counting On' Fans For Promoting Camp Of Joy-Anna Duggar's In-Laws

Duggar family has been a long-time supporter of Fort Rock Family Camp. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been close friends with the founders, Terry and Roxanne Forsyth, so much so that their kids, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth, got married last year. However, in the last few months, criticisms towards the Christian camp has increased after they invited back Michael and Debi Pearl of To Train Up a Child to one of the retreats.

Joy-Anna Duggar's in-laws have been running Fort Rock Family Camp since 1995. Terry and Roxanne had the vision to create a place in which families can relax, experience a simpler way of being, and connect with each other and God.

"[Terry Forsyth] realized that the American families of today were too busy and fragmented," the camp website reads. "Terry wanted to recreate an era where things were a little slower and families could spend time together. Thus a vision of an 1800's style town began. After an out-of-state move, land acquisition in the Ozark's of Northwest Arkansas, and several years of construction, Fort Rock Family Camp became a reality."

Fast forward two decades, it has become a place filled with controversies. When the Forsyths released their programming for 2018, the Duggar family was quick to endorse the camp, but Counting On fans were more hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.

When the Duggars shared the Fort Rock's events on their Facebook, the fans immediately began criticizing.


"This makes me so sad," a fan commented. "The Pearls literally promote hitting babies, actual babies. They are child abusers. Why you would promote their evil and cruel practices is mind-boggling."

Michael and Debi Pearl have been in the news for their highly questioned method of child-rearing. Right now, they are slated to join the campers in June and October, leading the programming for "No Greater Joy Family Camps I & II."


"This dynamic couple has dedicated their lives to educating families on basic principles of cultivating Godly relationships within the family so that their relationships with God and others can be infinitely more fruitful," reads the event description.

While the Forsyths and Duggars are excited to have the Pearls at the camp, Counting On fans were disgusted.

"I tried reading the Peal's book 'To Train Up a Child'. It physically made me sick," a fan wrote. "Who in their right mind pulls a four-month-old babies [sic] hair for biting while nursing? Do you realize kids have died from this book? I mean it is one thing to spank your child, but hitting them with PVC pipe and whatever else you can find is abuse."

"Why are you promoting child abuse? I hope every single one of you participating in the Pearls' abusive ways are arrested and spend significant time in prison," another fan wrote. "Those poor Duggar children."


The Duggars are expected to take part in 2018 programming for Fort Rock Family camp.