Reportedly Racist Meghan Markle Tweet Gets Paul Ryan’s GOP Challenger Suspended

Paul Nehlen, who was hoping to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s November primaries, has a history of being called a racist.

Paul Nehlen, who was hoping to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s November primaries, has a history of being called a racist.

A potentially racist Meghan Markle tweet by Paul Nehlen, who is hoping to be the GOP’s challenger against House speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s primaries in November this year, has been suspended by Twitter, according to Newsweek.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Nehlen, who has a history of displaying potentially racist behavior, tweeted a superimposed image of the Cheddar Man — an ancient Briton who is now believed to be dark-skinned following tests on his 9,000-year-old remains — with Markle’s head. The tweet did not go well with Twitter users, who easily saw through Nehlen’s flimsy attempt of trying to be funny at the cost of being racist against Markle, an actress of mixed race who is set to marry Prince Harry later this year.

Nehlen’s suspension did not come without a warning either. Twitter has vowed to become more user-friendly and in recent months has led an onslaught against users who post racist content. In January, Nehlen’s account was suspended temporarily after he posted pictures of journalists with Stars of David superimposed on their faces, claiming that these reporters belonged to the “Jewish media” intent on spreading pro-Jew propaganda. Twitter suspended the hopeful GOP challenger for his anti-Semitic content, but that did little in stopping Nehlen from being allegedly racist against Markle.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described Nehlen as “a defiant mouthpiece for the racist alt-right.”

The purportedly racist Meghan Markle tweet by Nehlen brings about more controversy for the GOP, a party which has found itself on the receiving end of criticism for not doing enough to rein in its racist primary challengers and Congress hopefuls. Just last week, reports said that the GOP was set to field a Holocaust denier and former leader of the American Nazi party, Arthur Jones, for Congress from Chicago’s 3rd District, sparking widespread anger and disbelief across partisan lines.

Jones claims that the Holocaust is a massive web of deceit concocted by Jews to exert control, calling it the “biggest, blackest lie” in history.

The news that another of its challengers has been suspended by Twitter for a reportedly racist post targeting Meghan Markle, who is steadily becoming the media’s royal darling, will not only be a cause for distress among party members because of its content but also because it muddies the GOP optics further, leading some to believe the Republicans are once again catering to contenders with questionable, racist views.